About Us

Getapkapp is blog especially for Battle Royal Fans who are obsessed with PUBG BattleGrounds. PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile is one of the most popular games in the world. If you’re big fan of the game then this is the right place for you.

Getapkapp provides you everything about BattleGrounds Mobile also named PUBG, from how-to tutorials to best things in the game. Since blog is maintained and written by a team of professional PUBG Gamers you wouldn’t find anything odd or difficult to understand.

After being ranked in some of the largest esports tournaments of PUBG in India, we decided to open up this Blog and share some of our experiences and guides. People often ask questions like which Gun is Best, or you can we go to conqueror and more, rather than answering each one of them we decided to open up the blog simply answer all the questions at once at one place.

What we cover?

I am sure you must want to know what all the topics that we cover in this Blog, Well, the simple and short answer is everything that we know and we can cover in depth. Here’s list of few things:

  • PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India all news
  • PUBG How to Tutorial & Guides
  • Best Things in BattleGrounds Mobile
  • New and Latest Updates
  • Why, what and how Topics of the Game
  • And everything you ask for

Yes, if you have any particular query or something that you’re confused about. You can also ask us. How? Simple, just go to Contact us page and we’ll reply to you for sure.

Why us?

You might be wondering what’s different in us that no one else can do, well, what we do is by experience what we write is with experience, and what we share is with experience.

Our squad and members have been playing this game for few years now, and believe me, it’s more than just a Game. Every new season comes up with new features and new events that must be known to you if you want to master that season.

You can explore our Blog here and see what’s new coming up and which trick you’ll be using next time you play the game.