5 Best Similar Alternative Games for BGMI

5 Best Similar Alternative Games for BGMI

While BGMI is being most popular these days, similar games like BGMI are also becoming more popular. The whole genre of Battle Royale Games is being popular these days. This is why people are always looking for other alternatives to BGMI, and today, we’re going to discuss BGMI Best Alternative games that are mostly similar to BGMI and, of course, are Battle Royale Games.

Best Similar Games to BGMI

Garena Free Fire

free fire game

Despite tough competition among both Free Fire and BGMI, both games are very much similar to each other. But if you switch from Free Fire to BGMI or BGMI to Free Fire then you might face any problem, however, everything else is completely fine.

Free Fire has a similar theme to BGMI, which means everything in Free Fire is just as same as BGMI, but other things like Firing rate, damage, speed of running person is different. At first, you might hate switching from BGMI but later on, you will get used to it.

But in case you’re not shifting, you’re just starting with Free Fire only, then you will definitely gonna like BGMI for sure. Everything else is just the same as BGMI like you will be landed on an island with 50 other players and you have to be the last one standing. Game pace is little slow than of BGMI but your game time of max 15 minutes will not let you feel bore.

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Call of Duty Mobile

call of duty mobile

Next game which is somewhat similar to BGMI is Call of Duty Mobile, Why I am saying somewhat similar is because the main plot of the game doesn’t reside in playing battle royale, mainly the game is based on one on one battle or team battle rather than surviving till last.

But that doesn’t mean call of duty mobile doesn’t have battle royale in it, you have to spend some time playing other matches and after that, Call of Duty Mobile battle royale arena will be opened and you can play that just like BGMI.

What I liked the most about COD Mobile is its graphics and guns, you will see totally advance graphics and advanced guns, plus the game is the fast pace which means you’re gonna like every moment of the game. There are different modes to choose from like Ranked mode and other modes depending upon the level of difficulty you want to choose.

PVP Multiplayer modes will not bore you at any point, you can customize your weapons and there are thousands of different skins and outfits to choose from to show off your friends.

Rules of Survival

rules of survival game

Another great option if you’re looking for a battle royale game is Rules of Survival, just like BGMI you will be placed on an island where you have to survive till last. It’s not quite popular as other battle royale games but in case you don’t want to play Free Fire or BGMI then the third-best option left for you is Rules of Survival.

Speaking about the graphics of the game I don’t think it’s as good as other battle royale games but still, you won’t notice any big difference. There are many weapons in this game that could be new to you and some other things might be interesting for you. The map contains 8×8 km map that allows 300 players, I know within this range 300 players are more than enough but you have to manage it yourself.

But if you’re playing Solo then the number of players will reduce to 120 or something, and loot is also scattered almost everywhere so, you won’t face any problem with collecting items or anything.

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PUBG Mobile Lite

pubg mobile lite game

Are you facing lag issues or glitches just because your device is not strong enough to support BGMI then you can try PUBG Mobile Lite. It’s just a lite version of BGMI or PUBG, which is of 400 Mb and you can easily play it on your Android device. PUBG Mobile Lite is much similar to BGMI but it’s not completely Similar to BGMI.

So, you might have to make some changes according to the game. Map player is 2km x 2km with 60 players in a match, Survival is gonna be tough, you can get any weapons, vehicle, supply just like BGMI but survial is tough. You might have to compromise in terms of graphics also because 400 Mb will not give you quality graphics.

Other modes like 4 x 4 warehouse modes are also available you and your teammates can easily play, one thing is for sure that you won’t face any lag issue or glitches until you have a good connection.

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

hopeless land

Hopeless Land is another great game that you can play in case you can’t play BGMI or Free Fire. The graphics are very much similar to Free Fire and charming than BGMI. 121 players on one island and survival among these will be difficult. There are many interesting things to do like riding a helicopter and shoot enemies, choosing from different guns and many other things.

Even Controls and other things are easy to understand and the user experience is also good. There are different modes to play solo or even in teams you can choose which mode you want.

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