Best Attachments for M416, AKM & M762

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

Believe it or not, attachments play a really important role in PUBG Mobile, many times it is noticed that if the enemy has better attachments than you with the same gun chances are more that the enemy will have an advantage. Either it could be reloading advantage or extended mag, or benefit could be of muzzle or sight.

But one thing is for sure one with better attachments will always be over with poor attachments. However, choosing the right attachment is also an important task. For some people red dot doesn’t work better than the holo for some compensator is more important than the suppressor.

And different guns have different options that suit them best in the particular gun. Like, I wouldn’t choose a suppressor in AKM when I know high recoil of AKM could only be controlled with a compensator. So, Let’s see which attachment would be best for a particular gun.

Type of Attachments

To understand which attachment should we use, we must know all the types of attachments.


The most popular and most used attachment type is sight. This is where you attach the scope, whether it is 2x or 6x. Some Guns support only Holo and Red dot-like Tommy and some support all the scopes like a sniper.


The muzzle is the front part of any gun from where the bullet goes at the end. It is important to choose the right muzzle because of its accuracy. There are majorly 3 types of muzzle suppressors that help to reduce the firing sound that will help you to keep hiding your position from enemy. Compensator it’s good for reducing recoil and the Flash hider best for sniper to hiding your location.


Most of you may already know what Mag is. It’s where bullets are held, the more the mag has capacity more it will fire a bullet. Mag is of 3 types quick draw increasing reloading power, extended increase bullets number, and extended quickdraw mag which works as both.


The foregrip is used to increase the stability and control of the gun. It also works best to change the scope, peek, recoil, and fire accurately. Mainly have 5 foregrips the first one is the angel foregrip that reduces the horizontal recoil and the verticle foregrip best to reduce vertical recoil. Half grip increases the recoil recovery, thumb grip, and light grip.


The stock also has a similar function that helps to aim and control gun shake and recoil. Different guns have different stock mainly one stock for AR, just pick it up.

Best Attachments for M416

Attachments for m416

Let’s start with the most popular gun of the game. M416 is overall the best performer but attaching best attachments to it will make it beast. Before we discuss which would be best let’s have look at the specifications of M416.

  • Power: 42 / 100
  • Recoil: 31 / 100
  • Range:56 / 100
  • Firing Speed: 80 / 100
  • Weapon Class: Assault Rifle
  • Magazine Size: 30
  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm

Sight: 3x

I personally use 3x for sight in m416 but you can choose whichever suits you best. Some people like a red dot, some 2x and if you manage to control recoil then you can go with 4x to 6x also. It completely upon you which one you want to choose but in case you haven’t tried 3x yet then I recommend you try it first, you’re gonna love it.

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Muzzle: Suppressor

For Muzzle I recommend you to go with Suppressor because M416 already has decent recoil to control but to make an M416 beast you need to control its sound. That can be done via suppressor only. So, attach suppressor with M416 always.

Foregrip: Vertical

Recoil won’t be much problem with M416 but if you were to choose one foregrip then I recommend you to choose a vertical foregrip. That works best.

Mag: Extended QuickDraw Always

No matter which gun you’re using, always choose to extend quickdraw mag but if you were to choose between a quick draw or extended in case m416 then I recommend going with extended.

Stock: Tact Stock

M416 uses Tact stock to go with it, it will help the gun reduce shake and recoil.

Best Attachments for AKM

pubg mobile akm attachments

AKM is high recoil gun plus a high damage gun. So, choosing attachments for AKM has to be specific.

  • Power: 40 / 100
  • Recoil: 34 / 100
  • Range: 60 / 100
  • Firing Speed: 61 / 100
  • Weapon Class: Assault Rifle
  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm

Sight: Iron Sight

Trust me, I have tried almost all the types of scopes in AKM, the best worked for me is Iron sigh. When you leave AKM as it si without any scope, it helps for recoil control and aim. But still, if you want any other scope then I recommend not to use the above Holo. Use Holo only, 2x, 3x will not be good in the case of AKM.

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Foregrip: Not Supported

Muzzle: Compensator

Without thinking any second time just go with Compensator, the main aim when you’re using AKM is to control recoil, and the compensator works best for recoil control. I personally use a compensator or nothing.

Mag: Extended Quickdraw Always

If still you have to choose from extended or quickdraw then go with quickdraw as damage of AKM is already good, but loading it takes times that you want to reduce.

Stock: Not Supported

Best Attachments for M762 (Beryl)

Sight: 4x (Personally)

I personally use 4x with M762 that helps me cover short to medium range easily. M762 has a high firing rate with medium to high recoil that can be controlled with some attachments. If you have a problem with handling recoil then I recommend you to use 2x that also works well.

Foregrip: Half grip

Half grip reduces the recoil recovery that will help you aim the enemy quickly and easily that your shots will go directly to the enemy without losing Aim. Vertical Grip also works well, all other grips aren’t that good.

Mag: Extended Quickdraw Always

The fire rate of the gun is quite high, so, I recommend choosing Extended mag than quickdraw because fire rate of the gun is high.

Muzzle: Suppressor

M762 doesn’t have much recoil so, you can use a suppressor to control the sound so that enemy won’t be able to spot your position. Compensator also works well in Suppressor but only if you’re using a higher-level scope.

Stock: Tact Stock

For M762 also Tack stock works good and I would go with Tack stock only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does attachment have that much effect in-game?

Yes, attachments have quite an effect in your game so, you must know which attachment is best for which gun.

How can I control recoil?

To Control recoil the first thing you must do attach the compensator then vertical foregrip and last tack stock. These 3 attachments will help you control recoil.

Which Mag is best?

By default, the magazine size of the gun is 30 but in extending mag you get 40, and in extend quickdraw 40 Ammos with quickdraw capability.

Which Scope is Best?

When speaking about scope the best one which is that you can handle it easily. Higher the scope higher the recoil, but more the distance you can cover.

Are attachments supported by all guns?

No, some guns don’t support 2 attachments, one is foregrip and another is stock. But mostly all guns support Mag, sight, and muzzle. Except for DP-28.


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