7 Best Free BGMI Emulator in PC [No Lag, Better FPS]

7 Best Free BGMI Emulator in PC [No Lag, Better FPS]

BGMI is not only played in mobile phones but there are still many people who play BGMI in PC. You can’t just play PUBG Pc in your PC but you can also play BGMI mobile in your PC. However, you need to have emulator to play BGMI in Pc, you can also play it with mirror apps which will avoid emulator detection, here’s how to play BGMI without emulator detection.

But the main question is which emulator is the best performing emulator which is a better emulator that could offer the best fps and high graphics without any lag issue. Today, we’re gonna discuss that only, with the list of 7 best Emulators you can use for free in here.

Best Free BGMI Emulator in PC for 2021

#1. Gameloop  (Best for BGMI)

bgmi on gameloop

The best and highest performing Emulator for BGMI in PC is without any second thought is Gameloop. It’s is specially built for BGMI by official developers. This will ensure that you’ll never gonna have to worry about any hack issue. This ensures credibility and trust even if face issues while playing other games but one game that you want to play will work completely fine.

Gameploop already supports BGMI in it all you need to do is install the game from there itself. You don’t even have to worry about synchronizing settings like a keyboard to game controls and all, everything is already been setup for you.

One thing which I loved the most about game loop emulator is it is one of the first emulators for BGMI and its official emulator. Even all the updates of BGMI and settings are compatible with gameloop. You will never gonna face any problem with the gameloop emulator.

You can simply download gameloop from here and install it on your Pc. Open the emulator check for BGMI, download it and Install it.

You’ll get a customizable smart keyboard with gamelooop, multiple language options even Chinese, fraud prevention, can easily detect any bypass tool or something, controller support, even live stream options with Nimo and nonolive.

#2. Bluestack (Overall Best)

bgmi on bluestacks

If you’re looking for overall best emulator in which you can’t just play BGMI but all other games also then Bluestack would be perfect option for you. It wasn’t for BGMI emulator then Bluestack would have been the best Emulator but you can play BGMI without any issue in BGMI.

What I liked the most about this emulator is that it runs smoothly even if your PC has low specifications. Not just this Bluestack supports more than 1.5 million applications and games, plus you can stream directly on twitch without any issue. Multi-tasking is also another big advantage you can do with Bluestack.

Apart from these features, other features like high FPS, Record gameplay, Higher FPS, and other things are another big advantage you’re gonna get. You can download the Bluestack emulator from here and install it on your PC and then you need to go to the google play store look for BGMI and install the game from there only. You can play easily from there only.

#3. MEmu Play

memu play bgmi

MEmu play is another great emulator which you can download easily for free. Well, if you can download above both emulators without any problem then you don’t really need MEmu play but still if in case you can’t then the best option for you is MEmu play.

Another advantage of MEmu play is it’s really lightweight and you don’t need to have a large amount of storage in order to download it. Comes with features like customizable controls, easy file sharing with Android device to Windows, Drag and Drop APK, and easy installation.

Massive library in MEmu play contains almost all the games and apps you need, but the one thing which I hate about MEmu play is it’s an advertisement. They are giving like many ads every time you do something with MEmu play.

Download MEmu play from here and further steps are similar to Bluestack. Just like Bluestack, you can easily install BGMI from the google play store, so, you need to have a Google Play store if you want to install MEmu play.

I have observed that in some PCs MEmu play is performing better than the Bluestack or even Gameloop, so, if you want to give try to MEmu play you can try and see if MEmu play runs faster and better.

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#4. Nox Player

nox player bgmi

Back in the days, Nox player used to be quite popular when it comes to emulators. But they couldn’t keep pace with the changing trend of the world but nowadays also it’s a good emulator for BGMI. Well, I am not a gamer but some gamers suggest that if you want to upload BGMI videos and record then you must use NOX player it is a better option to use Nox player if you want to do something like that.

Nox player also does support all the customizable controls options, multi-task options and file-sharing options, you can download NOX player by clicking here and easily install BGMI.

#5. Genymotion

Genymotion bgmi

Well, it might be the new name for you but Genymotion isn’t that bad as you think. You can play games in HD settings as it supports HD pixel compatibility, you can play and also record gameplay, customizable controls are also available, other settings like GPS and Multi-touch settings are available too.

Available for all the operating systems you can easily install the Genymotion and play BGMI in it. What I like about Genymotion most is its smooth interface, however, you won’t find as many games and applications in it but still, it’s a good option for you.

#6. PrimeOS

PrimeOS bgmi

PrimeOS is the best option if you want to play BGMI on Mac with smooth gameplay because I personally have tried PrimeOS works better on Mac PCs rather than on Windows PCs, however, you can also try PrimeOS on your windows PC and see if it goes better or not. You will see a dual booth with a single click with a Prime Installer option in PrimeOS and other features which are just like Android and will give you smooth gameplay.

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#7. LDPlayer

bgmi on ldplayer

Some of you might have heard of this name but it’s not that popular. LDPlayer has known for its smooth gameplay no lags, or any bugs, and also hassle-free gaming. It doesn’t even consume too many resources of your PC.

You can download LDPlayer from here, and then install BGMI in it, once you installed you can easily play BGMI, all controls and settings you will have to do in this emulator.

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