Best BGMI Mobile Settings – Basic, Scope, FPS, Pick up & More

Best BGMI Mobile Settings – Basic, Scope, FPS, Pick up & More

PUBG Mobile or BattleGrounds Mobile is again being one of the most popular games in India. Many players see that all the settings, the interface is quite overwhelming. People want something easy to understand and easy to control, well, you don’t have to worry about it.

Today, we’re here with brand new settings for 2021 that you must change now so that game becomes more easy and simple to play. From Basic Settings to Pick up, we’ll be including all types of settings, Car, Score, camera, and more except Sensitivity as it’s quite bigger topic to be covered in one article.

The good thing is that all those things that you see after opening the Settings Tab in your menu don’t necessarily have to change. Yes, there are only a few components that are important and need to be changed and that is what we’ll be talking about further in this article.

Change the Basic Settings of BGMI to:

Aim assist: Disabled (Aim Assist might seem to be very gifted settings and one would simply want to go and just tick this setting but you know what. Most Pros would prefer to disable it. Why? It may seem good if you have one target but when there are multiple targets at one place in most cases it will fluctuate and will give disturbing assist.)
Bolt-Action / Crossbow firing mode: Tap
Peek and fire: Depends up on, I prefer Enable
Shotgun firing mode: Change to Tab
Blocked sight warning: Enabled
Peek and open scope: Must be Disabled (I don’t know why game developers even consider this option in settings it’s completely useless and even frustrating setting as whenever you peek it will open scope like if peek is used for shooting only)
Lean mode: Change to Tap
Scope mode: Tap by default
Display left-side fire button: Make sure to turn it on (Believe me 2 Fire button doesn’t harm infact it helps if case finger goes little upside down)
Slide: Disable but if you want to enable it some people do enable it
Auto-open doors: You can change it in the game also but Auto would be best
Universal mark: I prefer Disable unless your streamer
Play emote: I haven’t downloaded any and used rarely so, prefer Disable
Jump and climb: Combine would best option
Death replay: Enable
Default parachute follow: Disable

These are some basic settings that will affect in-game performance and the rest settings are for lobby or outside game user experience and all, that won’t affect your gaming experience so you can change that as you wish.

Best Settings for Graphics and FPS depending upon Device

Note: These Settings vary device to device, you must know the specification of the Device in order to change these settings plus network connection speed matters too, so if you have both good then you can set all these to high.

Graphics: Best if Smooth

Believe me, I am not professional but I have a good flagship model which can easily handle HDR graphics but still, I prefer it to be Smooth not just me I have seen many Pros and even streamers setting graphics to smooth or balanced, HD and HDR is not my taste for Mobile.

Frame Rate: Extreme or very high no matter device

Unless you have really poor device like 2 or 1 GB Ram you don’t have to low it, Choose Extreme but if you don’t have an option for Extreme choose Very high, this is the only thing that would completely change the gaming experience.

Style: I prefer Normal but some people want Colorful

Honestly, this doesn’t matter that much but I prefer that never use Movie and Realistic, it could drop frame rate plust graphics aren’t suitable for these settings.

Anti-aliasing: Disabled

If you have good connection plus expensive flagship then you can enable it other than that disable that’s it.

Brightness: Completely on your Choice

Some people prefer it dark and some light but believe me best is the default, I recommend not touching this tab.

Auto-adjust graphics: Highly Disabled

Rest above you did would be of no use if this tab left enabled, so, it’s highly recommended that you keep it disabled.

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Best BattleGrounds Mobile Settings for Pick-up

The studies have shown that in half of the game you’re deciding and picking up and dropping off the things that you need and things that you don’t. So, Pickup is an important setting that you must spend little time on.

Auto pick up: Highly Enabled

I don’t know there would be any who keep this disabled. This is the most important thing that will not only save your time plus help you understand what to pick up what not to. And if you’re a newbie the this Autio Pick-up is highly recommended to turn on.

Auto pick-up pistols: I prefer Disabled

Pistols in BGMI BattleGrounds India is of no use, believe me, you would hardly gonna finish anybody with a pistol. Disable it will save space in your bag for useless stuff.

Auto pick-up level three backpacks: For Sure Enable

Stop auto pick-up when the list is collapsed: Yes Enable

Note: You can also change how much a particular item you want to auto pick up in your bag. Like you don’t want to Auto Pickup 10 bandages you can change it to 5 or if you use AKM or DP more then you can change Auto Pickup 7.62 mm Ammos from 180 to 250 or more.

But a professional would leave it as it is, and I would also keep it default.

Best scope settings for BGMI Battlegrounds Mobile

Well, Scope Settings are some things that highly depend upon the sensitivity, you can change the sensitivity of scopes like 3x to less or 8x to more, and I already told you sensitivity is bit lengthy topics which you can check out here.

Basic Idea Behind Scope

The Basic Idea behind scope sensitivity is higher the number of scopes is lesser the sensitivity is better. Like 8x scope should have sensitivity around 6% to 11% and 2x should near 75%.

And speaking about Scope Color it must be different from blood color like if blood color is red then the green color of scope is preferable.

Best Settings for Vehicle in BGMI

I prefer to leave it as it is, there are total 3 controls for the vehicle the best one is by default. I have tried both other controls it was so confusing and take time to get used to it. There’s no need to change that.

Best Control Layout for Battlegrounds Mobile

The report has proven that all those shifted from 2 fingers to 3 fingers has increased their game performance by 40%. So, if you’re still playing on 2 fingers I prefer to change it to 3 fingers. And whosoever shifted from 3 to 4 finger has gained 15% of game performance.

Best Controls for 3 Finger

If you’re a 3 Finger Claw player then these settings would be best for you, you can change the map possible from right to left depending upon your finger that works best with the fire button.


Best 2 Fingers Control

Most new players want 2 fingers to claw control, I prefer to go with 2 fingers it’s far easier than 2 but it’s completely upon you.

3 fingers control


Best 4 Fingers Claw Control

If you’re Pro or want to go with 4 fingers then below is the best Controls for 4 Fingers Claw Control. You can change the scope and fire button according to your gamestyle.

4 fingers claw control

Best Audio Settings for BGMI Mobile

Change your SFX Audio Quality to High, do not change it to Ultra unless you have connected a multi-channel audio speaker.

Ultra would also use more power, potentially slowing down your game and device. However, in the case of a microphone, you change it to Max available option, and best to use earphones while playing games.

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