Best Graphics Settings for BGMI For All Devices (Better FPS)

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

BGMI is high definition game that supports 3rd person perspective view and is probably the most popular game in India. One thing that everyone who’s playing this game wants is good graphics with good FPS.

Today we’re gonna discuss some best settings which you can do if you want high-quality graphics with good frame rate. One setting or method particularly couldn’t decide whether it’s gonna give you good graphics or not, every device has its own GPU, memory, and CPU, accordingly the settings differ.

This is why we’re gonna give detailed settings for all types of devices majorly categorized into different RAM sizes.

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Why According to RAM Size?

Now, most people may ask that different devices have different hardware that means different CPU, different GPU and different RAM, but when it comes to Mobile devices RAM is the thing that is built comparatively with CPU.

This means higher the RAM that means it has higher CPU and GPU, plus in BGMI CPU and GPU doesn’t matter that much compared to RAM. Unless you have a flagship device, they have both a good CPU with higher RAM and good GPU as well.

Best Graphics Settings for BGMI for All Devices

Best Graphics Settings for 12 GB RAM Devices

Most 12 GB RAM Devices are mainly flagship devices that mean they already have good GPU and good CPU, in case it’s a flagship device then you can just go ahead and set it to the max.

Most Brands that support 12 GB RAM and are flagship devices give about 90 Hz to 120 Hz of display with processor goes to 800 and more which is enough to get you 60 FPS to 90 FPS even with medium to high graphics.

Graphics: You can set Graphics to UltraHDR if you see the option to.

Style: It doesn’t matter which style you use, If you’re pro then I suggest it to normal but if you want the best graphics then go with realistic style.

Frame Rates: No matter which graphics you’re using you have to set Frame Rates to Extreme or Max possible. because Frame rate is something that will decide your game.

Anti-Aliasing: Depending upon the battery percentage you have, you can turn it off or on.

Brightness: It doesn’t affect your gamestyle, you can set it according to your ease.

Auto-Adjust Graphics: When you have enough hardware to run the game at extreme graphics you don’t need to auto-adjust graphics, just disable it.

Most 12 GB Ram Devices are flagship devices with prices of Rs 40,000 to 60,000, if you have any flagship device then you don’t have to worry about graphics, you’ll get extreme graphics only. All you need to worry about is having the best settings for BGMI.

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Best graphics Settings for 8 GB RAM for BGMI

flagship devices image

If you have an 8 GB Ram device and that too comes under the price of 40,000 to 60,000 then also you don’t have to worry about graphics. 8 GB Ram with good CPU and GPU is also good enough to get higher graphics and good FPS.

Most flagship devices come under this range have good CPU and good GPU that gives them enough power so that they could run heavy games like BGMI and such in good graphics with extreme FPS this means you can set everything to max.

But in case you have a device that comes under budget price but has 8 GB RAM then also you don’t have to worry but you need to make some small changes that could give you the best graphics.

Graphics: You can Set Graphics to UltraHD and see if you get any frame drop if yes then change to HDR.

Frame Rate: As always keep it as maximum as possible, You must see the option for Extreme, change it to extreme

Style: Well, if you see any frame drop on movie-style then change it to soft.

Anti Aliasing: Again depending upon the Battery size, you can turn it off or on.

Brightness: Adjust it according to your comfort, if have using movie style then increase it if soft then decrease it.

Auto-Adjust Graphics: Again you have to turn it off.

Best Graphics Setting for 6 GB Ram devices

Most people must have 6 GB Ram Device and most 6 GB RAM devices come under a decent budget. The hardware used in these devices are not that good to support extreme but with few tricks you can play Battlegrounds Mobile in extreme.

Graphics: You can use HD but I recommend using Balanced graphics but if you face no drops on HD, keep it.

Frame Rates: Keep it to the extreme if you see an option for extreme if you don’t see an option for extreme then change graphics to balanced then you can change it to an extreme.

Anti-Aliasing: You must disable it.

Style: Keep it soft or Normal

Brightness: change it according to your comfort.

Auto-Adjust Graphics: You can enable it if you want but if you want no changes with graphics keep it off.

Best Graphics Settings for 4 GB RAM Device

bgmi on mid range phone

4 GB RAM doesn’t mean that you can’t play PUBG Mobile at good graphics with extreme FPS, yes, you can play with some tricks.

You have to download GFX tool if you want to play on extreme FPS with HD graphics, You can download it from here. If you don’t want to download GFX then you can check these settings below:

Graphics: I recommend the change to Balanced settings, but even if you want HD you can use it but might face some frame drops.

Frame Rate: You can set it to High, as there will be no option for extreme if you’re using HD graphics.

Style: Use Normal Style, I don’t think realistic will work well with HD graphics

Anti-Aliasing: Disable it.

Auto-Adjust Graphics: Try both, one with turning it on and one turning it off see which one works better.

Brightness: Doesn’t really matter

Best Graphics Settings for 2 GB RAM Device

It is highly recommended that all those who have 2 GB Ram must use the GFX tool. Since BGMI require at least 3 GB of RAM to play smoothly without any problem and you just have 2 GB RAM it’s highly recommended to download GFX Tool.

GFX tool will automatically detect the hardware of your device and accordingly do changes and will give you the best experience for BGMI. You can even play at extreme FP with Balanced Graphics, but it’s suggested to use Normal Graphics with extreme FPS. If you face any lag issue then you may wanna look here at how to fix the lag and ping issues.


Above were the complete details about all the devices and how you can get good graphics on all types of devices. If your device is specific and you want detailed knowledge then you can comment down below, we’ll try to give you the best answer.

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