Best Shotgun in BGMI – Which Shotgun will work best for You

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

Shotguns are best guns if you want to take the close-range fight with more bullets to fire at one time that spreads on more areas. In short, shotguns are best if you’re taking a close-range fight and you know how to aim perfectly at the enemy.

Since the first version of PUBG Mobile there were very few shotguns to choose from but after the popularity of shotguns, the game developers introduced many new Shotguns. And some of them are next-level beasts that is enough for killing the whole squad also.

But the question is which one suits you best, sometimes normal S686 is far better than shotguns like Sk12 and others, this is why today, we’re gonna discuss which Shotguns will be best for you. Which one you should take for a particular situation.

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How to choose Best Shotgun in BGMI

#1. DBS – A Beast

bgmi dbs

DBS is a brand new Shotgun in BGMI and probably the best shotgun for overall performance. DBS is a beast shotgun, it alone is enough to wipe the whole squad, with 2 fire rounds it covers a larger distance and has high damage to kill an enemy with one shot only.

Well, It’s the perfect shot for the overall situation to keep. And in case you want to wipe whole squad then also this gun works perfectly, in fact, I personally have many times used this gun to wipe the whole squad. It has a capacity of 12-gauge shotgun ammo that means you don’t have to worry about reloading after one kill.

You can add Red dop or 2x works best if you want to add scope in DBS, however, its range is limited to 100m only. DBS also has higher recoil but it won’t by any issue for you since it’s a shotgun. Finding DBS could be a little hard because it’s not widely available as any other shotgun, but the best time to find it is when you landed on hot drop areas.

You can check here the gameplay using DBS:

#2. S12K

S12K is the second most popular gun in BGMI. It’s well known for its fire rate and high magazine capacity with higher damage. It won’t be a disgrace if we say it’s higher damage AR weapons that work as shotgun. You get 12 Guage Ammo with 5 Bullets in one relead but could go up to 7 if you add extended mag.

I have used S12k many times when I had to wipe the whole squad with one gun, yes, in case you’re looking for a squad wipe then also this gun is best option. It supports all types of scope as AR this is why it’s called Semi-Automatic Shotgun. But the downside is that it’s range is too short this is why it best option for close-range like when you’re inside a building or house.

For long-distance damage you could have one more gun if you want on other slots, you can check here which gun combination is perfect.


S868 in bgmi

Don’t underestimate the power of S868, this might seem common shotgun that may not have power or damage but believe me if you are able to master this gun then you’re gonna love this 2 barrel shotgun with 2 ammo in it. The guns have high damage with higher area cover also distance traveled by the guns is also more than other Shotguns compared.

It can easily travel a distance up to 25m, and 2 single shots of fire could easily get any enemy killed. But those 2 shots have to be perfect so make sure that you master this gun.

Well, if you are confident enough for your fire then only you should pick up this weapon, otherwise, a shotgun with 5 ammo also works great for you. You don’t have to take a long-range fight even though it has good range but in the end it’s shotgun and it can’t work as a sniper or AR.

It supports muzzle and stock, doesn’t matter which you choose since it has too much recoil, but you got only 1 shot left after 1st shot. Plus you don’t have even have to reload after one shot.

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S1897 in bgmi

S1897 is a shotgun that has 5 shots available, after every shot, it has to reload. It’s also the best option for a close-range fight unlike S868 you can’t be able to fire immediately after one shot, so you have to wait but if you can fire one perfect shot for one enemy then 5 ammos is enough to kill the whole squad.

The gun has damage of 234 which is nearly equal to 9 shots of AR but only if you shot it correctly. Make sure each shot hit correctly to the enemy you want to hit. Some people may argue they should pick S868 rather than S1897 but it completely depends upon the player, the style of game, and how they play, does S1897 works better for them, or S868 works better.


sawed off in bgmi

Last Shotgun that BGMI has Sawed-off shotgun, well, I don’t see any point of using this shotgun but in situations like when you have nothing to pick you can pick sawed-off. Have only 2 shots to fire then you need to reload the gun, plus another drawback is its damage rate is the lowest among all shotguns, and yes of course distance travel is far less than other shotguns. So, basically, this is just to show off I don’t see any advantage in this gun.


These were all top 5 shotguns which you can choose from in the game, I suggest to mater one particular shotgun that too which is good, like DBS or SK12K, this is how you can be good at close range, shotguns possess far more damage than of any sniper.

If you have any query then you can comment down below to get a relevant answer, and you can always contact if you feel like. Explore our blog to know more about BGMI and get the latest tips and tricks which you won’t get anywhere else.

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