PUBG BattleGrounds Mobile India, New or Same? All Questions Cleared

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

After more than half a year since the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, Finally, Krafton has rolled back with a new name with Tencent playing no part in India. Well, Tencent still has a small share in Krafton but it completely abides by Indian laws and security. Don’t worry we will talk about that too in this blog.

People tend to have many doubts and questions regard new release, such as is this new release gonna be a new game or PUBG Mobile only, will it be a beta version or final version, what is the release date, can it be ban again, and many questions like this I’ll bee answering in this article.

Is PUBG Mobile and BattleGrounds Mobile Different?

No, PUBG Mobile and BattleGrounds Mobile are both are the same games, with names different. No one has looked and played the game from inside, so, it’s difficult to tell whether inside game characters and maps had modifications or not, but the main plot of the game and maps are gonna be the same.

One things is for sure they have changed many things that is concerning privacy and security plus parental control and money spend on game will be their top priority.

Other reason to believe that is PUBG Mobile wasn’t banned from India because of in-game characters or maps, it was because of security reasons and since the game is performing well in all other countries there’s no reason to change anything from inside in BattleGrounds India.

However, to create hipe in India as a marketing strategy there could be some updates and some new things that would make more people playing this game for the initial few days of release but nothing significant would be changed.

When will BattleGrounds Mobile be released in India?

Until Now, there’s no confirmed date to be announced by Krafton but IGN India has claimed that it could be near 18th June 2021. Which is highly supported by streamers in India and other people.

The bad thing is that estimations could be wrong at this point in time because it was any other game then experts would have estimated the accurate date or it would have leaked from somewhere but BattleGrounds Mobile which is already been developed by has to go from security and laws checkup of India. It is difficult to decide when will it release. And I am sure that even Krafton has not yet fixed any certain date.

Well, One thing is sure that If everything goes well then it will be available near around the end of June or the start of July as of experts predictions.

For Now, Pre-registrations are available if you have already registered then it’s great because pre-registered users may get a beta version to play if there will be any to play earlier. If you haven’t pre-registered then you can click here and pre-register the game right now.

Can it be ban again? If Yes, How?

It has been seent that the release of BattleGrounds India is not much supported by parliamentarians and current Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering as they wrote to PM modi requesting Ban of BattleGrounds India via Twitter with a letter explaining that Tencent still owns the game somehow and the security and privacy of Indians is still at sake.

Ering said that Krafton India had hired employees from Tencent, a Chinese technology company that was PUBG Mobile India’s largest investor. He also found out that the terms and conditions of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Google Play Store listing include the word “PUBG Mobile.”

No Response had been made until now from PM Modi or any other officials but if there will be any concern then it might have to go from several checks that would take months and if it got banned again then there will be no coming back of PUBG Mobile ever in India.

The good news is, many experts and people working in Krafton have said that it is very unlikely that there could be any flaws in the re-release of the game as the company has worked so much forming all the law-abiding terms and conditions before the launch of the game.

Is there gonna be a Beta version or a Final Version?

Most probably Krafton would release a beta Version before launching Final Version as they do with all other games. The New version of the game will be version 1.4.0 and if there’s a Beta Version then pre-registered users will get a chance to play the game early. I have given the link to pre-register above.

What will be Changed in BatteGrounds Mobile?

From the Sources, it comes to know that several changes had been made prior to Indian Laws and culture. So, here are some of these:

  1. The Violence and blood graphics are controlled in the newer version, The color of Blood is changed from red to green and some violent behaviors and scenes are modified.
  2. Nudity is controlled now, People will have one shirt and pants when playing the game from the beginning.
  3. Parental Control is another factor, Now all who are aged under 18 wouldn’t be able to play more than a specified time period and they wouldn’t be allowed to make any purchase without their parents Consent.
  4. You won’t be allowed to purchase more than a specified amount like Rs. 7,000 till a certain point in time.
    Settings and Modifications have been made in order to make it more secure and ensure privacy.

Will there be Tournaments as before?

tournament battlegrounds india

Battlegrounds Mobile India, according to Krafton, will have an esports community with Tournaments, leagues, as well as special in-game activities like costumes and features. While no release date has been announced, the developer did tease a famous 4×4 map from PUBG Mobile – Sanhok – last week. It is possible that it will not be renamed Sanhok.

PUBG Mobile players would be familiar with the in-game positions depicted in the photos posted on Google Play. They claim that the Erangel and Miramar maps, as well as the previously teased Sanhok map, will be included in the title.

Does Tencent still be having data?

While some people claim that Tencent has 15.5% of the share in Krafton which is for no doubt true but the game is whole maintained and developed by Krafton, Tencent won’t play any part in business unless it is a member of the board of directors.

The only role Tencent be having here is to get dividends on share and profits nothing else. And also no employee from Tencent is hired on a permanent basis since Tencent is a Chinese company whereas Krafton is a South Korean company with the same owner as Bluehole parent company of PUBG has.

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