How to Copy BattleGrounds Mobile from Android To PC

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

After BGMI Mobile got more popular than BGMI Pc in India, BGMI players asked developers to make BGMI Mobile playable in PC also. Now, Gameloop and other emulators are available to play BGMI Mobile on PC.

Now, either you download directly from Gameloop or you can simply transfer BGMI from mobile to PC easily, it’s upon you. Buy the fact of the matter is many people are actually having problems while downloading directly from Gameloop, either the download stuck at 99% or updates aren’t downloadable. Or Gameloop simple isn’t downloading the game.

The best option here is to transfer BGMIMobile from Mobile to Pc easily. Today, this article will guide how you can copy BGMI from Android to Pc in few simple steps.

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How to Copy BGMI Mobile from Android to PC

Before you do anything there are several things you need to consider before doing this. These are several things that you need to check.

  • You have BGMI Mobile Latest version already downloaded in your Mobile, it’s better to download all the Maps and resource to avoid again download in your PC.
  • A USB transfer Cable, you can use Bluetooth also but the faster and best way is USB transfer cable.
  • Gameloop already installed on your PC, if you haven’t downloaded it you can download it here.

Here is the process of Copying BGMI Mobile from Android to PC:

Step 1: You need to install the Gameloop Emulator, go to the official website(link provided above), it will take hardly 10 minutes and then go to settings and change the language to Chinese (It’s important to change the language).

Step 2: Now, Connect your Phone with External USB Cable and turn on the USB transfer Option in your phone as it will ask for.

Step 3: Now, Go to phone storage from your PC and navigate to Phone>Androind>Data>com.tencent.ig.

Step 4: Create a folder named “com.tencent.ig.” and Copy the file com.tencent.ig. And paste it in that folder, you can create it on desktop also.

Step 5: Once copy successfully complete, go to Phone storage Android>Obb>com.tencent.ig.

Step 6: Copy the file again and Paste it in a new folder created on the desktop. Now you can disconnect the phone from the PC.

Step 7: Now, Open the Gameloop and check if the language still is Chinese and then hit F9 and download Es File Explorer.

Step 8: Install Es File Explorer and Grant all the permission it asks for.

Step 9: Navigate to open root folder. now go to Data>Shared1 and then open the folders of Obb and data that we created in steps 4 and 6. Copy the data and obb file and paste in local storage in Emulator storage>Android.

Step 10: Once you successfully pasted and opened game the close and change the language to English back.

The above is the detailed Tutorial on how you can do so, there’s no other way to copy BGMI Pc to Mobile. If you want to check video then you can check out below:

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