BGMI Mobile Sanhok Map Guide – Tips, Best Location, Best Loot

BGMI Mobile Sanhok Map Guide – Tips, Best Location, Best Loot

BGMI or PUBG Mobile has total of 5 maps in it, Erangle, Sanhok, Miramar, Livik and Karakin, there was vekendi but since it was played by very few numbers of people so PUBG Mobile officials decided to remove this map. However, the 3top most played maps in BGMI is Erangle, Livik and sanhok and my personal favorite after Erangle is sanhok.

Believe me, if you start playing sanhok you’ll start loving this map, in fact when I get tiered of playing Erangle I immediately switch to Sanhok map which has so many awesome locations, places, best loot, fights, training and so many things you’re gonna like.

This is why today I am gonna share some of my tips and tricks which you can follow while playing sanhok, some best locations to land on sanhok, loot and other amazing this to do in sanhok.

Best Locations to Land in Sanhok Map

Pai Nan

pai nan in bgmi

Believe me, after landing on almost all the locations multiple times I found that best location to land in Sanhok map is Pai nan, especially if you’re not playing with your squad or playing duo or single. Well, in case you’re pro and you think that you could easily kill the enemy in hot-drop areas of Sanhok.

Pai Nan is also a great place in case you want the best loot and some kills also because one thing is for sure that you’re not gonna land pai nan alone. You’ll always find some enemies landing on pai nan and the best thing is these enemies are mostly noobs or beginner players trying to land somewhere safe.

Plus it’s in the middle of the map you could easily move to a safe zone also anyway safe zone in here isn’t that big of a deal in the Sanhok map.

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Camp Alpha

Second best location if you’re a beginner or even intermediate is to land on camp alpha. This is an excellent place to gather some extra loot, however, you won’t find any enemies but you could get good loot and move on the enemies. It’s also a perfect place for those who want to increase rank in the game and looking for high survival time so that they cannot be easily found.

I concluded that every time you land on camp alpha most of the time you get chicken dinner, so it’s also best if you want yourself to survive till first.

Boot camp

boot camp in bgmi

Now coming to the most hot drop location of the Sanhok map, in fact, my personal favorite location of the map is Boot camp. Well, make sure you have squad or at least 3 members here before landing, and also land only if you think you can handle multiple enemies at one time because there’s no place to hide or running back once you land in here.

Some suggestions I can give you is one make sure you land at outside buildings rather than of inside one building which is completely dangerous. Also, keep in close with your squad member, and never rush in Boot camp only if you are sure that 3 members have been already killed and go for the last one.

Knowing the enemy’s location is key to win in boot camp always aim for enemies’ location by sneaking upon them.

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Paradise resort

Coming to another hot drop location pardise resort, believe me, your skills or techniques are of no use in this location. All you need is luck to win because this location is a completely pointless location to build. You could get hit by anywhere you don’t even gonna realize where did you get hit and all.

So, I suggest to limit the landing in here, try to land rather on boot camp or somewhere aside from paradise resort.

Tips to follow in Sanhok Map

Take advantage of grass

hide under sanhok grass

Sanhok has really tall grass which is perfect if you want to take cover and hide. You must take complete advantage of the grass in sanhok for hiding in it. This tall grass is of real use when the zone shrinks more and there’s no place to hide in this situation hiding in the grass is an excellent option.

Other than that sanhok has many different objects to hide like trees, rocks and many more things where you can hide without any problem. But I would recommend trying to be in a prone position as much as you can.

Easy loot options

Sanhok is a small map but that doesn’t mean you’ll see fewer enemies, in fact, the game has 100 players like erangle and you’re gonna have to survive among 100. This makes one thing easy Sanhok has best loot options that mean you don’t have to worry about loot in Sanhok you can get loot from anywhere except open locations.

I already have told you the best locations for loot in Sanhok are Pai nan, Boot camp, camp alpha and etc but even if you land of small group of buildings you’ll get enough loot. So, always try to land on buildings or houses to collect loot and take fights.

Master close to medium range fights

If you want to win every time in sanhok then you have to master close to medium-range fights because there are very few chances when you’re gonna face long-range fights since there are mountains and cliffs blocking the way you must master close range.

The best option is any AR like M416 with higher-level scope such as 6x, if you could master this that means you can easily get chicken dinner in Sanhok every time.

Also for close-range try to master Shotgun or AKM, because most times in Sanhok map you’ll have to fight close range only, I have one time finished the whole squad with DBS, this gun works good for me choose your beast for close-range also.

Be on foot rather than vehicles

Sanhok is a small map you don’t have to worry about moving from one place to another or red zone because you can do it on foot only. This is why it’s recommended that you shouldn’t use vehicles too much, this could also result in enemies seeing you and find you.

Airdrops could be trap

I don’t think you should loot airdrop in the sanhok map because by the time you’re gonna loot airdrop it’s very likely that less than 10 people are left in the game. And most times Airdrops could be a trap by your enemies and etc.

But that doesn’t mean every time you go for Airdrop loot you’re gonna see a trap only, it’s just that you have to take a little caution when you loot airdrop. And you can also do it for your enemies as well, you can hide behind the tree where you could see Airdrop easily and once enemy comes fire.

Knowing Enemies location

This is another great tips which you can follow, what you can do is know the enemies’ location that will help you to make strategy and kill them because in Sanhok known your enemies’ position is really important.

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