TOP Most Popular BGMI Myths Busted (5th will Surprise you)

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

It has been more than 3 years since BGMI also known as PUBG Mobile initially released and since then there have been many updates, many changes, and many different things added and removed. But there are some myths that were that people think just as same as they used to think few years ago.

Today, we’re gonna discuss some most popular myths of BGMI and see whether it’s true or just a myth and some of these myths might familiar to you and some may not be but one thing is for sure you’re gonna like this myth-busting article.

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AirDrop Always inside the Zone

airdrop myth in bgmi

It’s big myth that the airdrop always lands on the location where the next zone is likely to appear. But it’s just a myth, it could be anywhere like the border of the zone or even next to the centre, but it’s just a myth that Airdrop landed somewhere means that the next zone is going to appear there only.

Believe me, sometimes it is even possible that Airdrop lands outside the zone, this has happened to me many times that Airdrop has landed completely outside the Blue zone, or by the time it’s landed the zone has already been a shrink. So, if you think that Airdrop and zone are relative to each other then it’s completely wrong.

But one thing is for sure whether zone comes or not near Airdrop but definitely, other enemies is gonna come near Airdrop so make sure that you go there by strategy.

Jump and crouch Button at the same time will Jump you higher

This is an interesting myth, many people believe that if you click to jump and crouch both together will result in jumping higher in BGMI. Well, this is completely wrong, in fact, it could be affecting your gameplay negative manner. If you click the crouch button earlier than the Jump button then it will work as a crouch that means you’ll crouch rather than jumping higher.

This is why I suggest you use crouch just as crouch like crouch only and use the Jump button as jump only, click both together will not make any difference. The one thing is for sure when you’re about to land after jumping from the plane then click the fire button once will help you reduce the landing impact, but what people think about crouch and jump is completely wrong.

Ping and Damage

ping and damage in bgmi

It’s believed that if you have higher ping like 100 and your opponent has a ping like 60 then the same amount of fire will likely get you to finish first just because your enemy has a better ping than you.

Well, it’s true that if the enemy has a better ping it will always have an advantage over you, even if you both fire the same amount through the same gun. So, you have to make sure that you first have a good connection, if you face any problem here’s how to fix ping issue.

There’s one more trick that you can do like is don’t wait for the enemy to get finish while firing. That means when you know that you have hit enough shots to finish an enemy then you should take cover and if everything goes right then you’ll definitely get a finish.

Molotov Doesn’t Cause Damage in Water

Well, this goes completely different from what happens in real life. Water doesn’t affect the Molotov flames, even if you swim in the water or dive into the water, you’ll still get damage. So, next time you get hit by Molotov try to prone or move away from flames rather than swimming in the water hoping it will slow down the flames.

After 5 Knocks you’ll die

No, this is again a big myth that most people think after getting knocked out 5 or more times you’ll get finish immediately. No, even if you get finish 10 times then also you’ll get few seconds to seek revival. But yes, it’s true that more the number of times you get knocked lesser the time you will left with.

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There’s one confusion also with people that what if we revive inside the blue zone, if you’re reviving inside blue zone will the health decline when reviving? No, when you’re reviving in 10 seconds of reviving time no health will decline, so, you don’t have to worry about a decrease in health in those 10 minutes.

Buggy Runs faster with 1 tyre burst

buggy in bgmi

Most people believe that buggy runs faster if 1 tyre is a burst than 4 tyres which is completely wrong. Buggy even gets slower if you burst its one tyre the reason why people think that buggy runs faster with only 3 tyres is that its control gets better.

With one tyre burst, you can easily control the buggy which leads to smooth and better speed of buggy. This is the reason people think that buggy runs better in 3 tyres, actually, it does not speed but control that becomes better.

However, this doesn’t work with all the vehicles, vehicles like UAZ needs all 4 tyres to get the best control but with 3 tyle motorcycle you can try bursting 1 tyre and see if that works better or not.

Both players can get finish by each other’s gun

This is the biggest myth which is completely wrong. You can never finish an enemy and get finished by him at the same time, either you will get finished or you’ll finish the enemy. The game is developed in such a manner that even if you both have the same gun and fired the same amount of ammo to the same spot of player, one will be finished only whosever is faster.

So, it’s never gonna happen, this is why I always recommend that the game is not just about attacking but you also need to keep in mind all about defence. If you face any problem of ping or anything, you can check here how to fix Ping issue.

Redzone contains most players

It’s also said that RedZone contains most of the players which is completely a myth, RedZone is a zone where bombs keep on landing and if won’t find any shelter then you’ll get killed. RedZone doesn’t mean that most people are inside the RedZone, it’s just bombed and where to put bomb.


There are still many more confusions and myths about the game and if you have any doubt or myth you can comment down below and let us know. We’ll update that doubt in here only.

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