BGMI Normal vs PUBG New State? The Major Differences

BGMI Normal vs PUBG New State? The Major Differences

Since after the news of the latest launch of the brand new game by krafton PUBG New state everyone is like what exactly this PUBG new state is and how it’s gonna be different from BGMI. Which one should you play, and is PUBG New state will be able to play in India? All these questions are going on everybody’s head and this is why today we’re gonna answer these questions.

Pre-registration for BGMI has already been started and if you haven’t pre-registered yet then here’s the link to pre-register the game.

About PUBG New State

Before we jump to the major differences of both the game let’s have look at what are the features of PUBG New State:


graphics of pubg new state

Well, there’s no doubt PUBG Mobile has better graphics but developers had to make sure that New State will even have better graphics than PUBG Mobile. Open world battleground theme will be still there with completely next-generation graphics which will compete PC level graphics.

The new Vulkan(API) enables smooth and stable service and improved optimization that means you won’t face any kind of bugs or lag issue even if you’re playing and higher graphics. If you’re facing any lag issues now on BGMI then you must check how to fix lag and bugs.

New and Unique Weapons

One thing is for sure in PUBG New State that is weapons are completely different and new. You will find all new weapons, guns, and other things which will significantly improve the game’s pleasure. Many other customization abilities have been introduced, guns now have different variety of attachments to add and you can customize your player the way you want.

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New Map Changes

PUBG Mobile: New State will change map and places to a certain extend, Unique Mechanics are available now which are modern and new, like drone calls, dodging, support requests and many other things. Not just this but New state also has new vehicles which are faster, durable and stronger than vehicles previously found on PUBG or BGMI.

The game is not just limited to finding other survivors and killing them but also now you can do various other objectives that will help one way or another.

World Set into 2051

The PUBG: New State has set into 2051, all the technology, vehicles, features will be of 2051, the survival game will have completely new features and things that are no longer survival.

You will now see huge different labs, advanced houses, advanced vehicles that could not just fly over the ground but also on the water, advanced weapons, and many other things.

BGMI vs PUBG: New State

Now coming to the part where we’re gonna see which one is better, and all the doubts that everybody might have between both of these games. And BGMI or PUBG are both the same here, we can also say PUBG vs PUBG: New State.


map of pubg new state

Well, if you have played Tesla Map in BGMI then you won’t find any huge difference between both of these games. People have claimed that the majority of map style is just like Tesla Map in BGMI. However, there will be some changes for sure but they aren’t that big when it comes to map changes.

All other maps are gonna be the same I guess, but I am not sure about all other maps.


pubg new state vehicles

Vehicles are also gonna be different, new and advanced vehicles are now available but that doesn’t mean previous vehicles will disappear.  New vehicles are also there along with previous ones and some changes could be seen or both the vehicles.

Some vehicles will have some ability like you can drive on water and also on the ground.


PUBG: New State will introduce some new weapons and guns, mostly previous guns will be still there like M416 and other popular guns that no one likes to disappear. The new weapons have all-new features which will be suitable for the new map and new game style.

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Other things

The major difference you will see on change in Erangle Map, the changes will be mostly like changes in technology and buildings, new you could see advanced buildings and roofs plus advanced features which are good and makes game easy.

A New Hyperline train will be introduced that will ease your travel from one direction to another but you have to find which train goes to which direction. The Hyperline train makes travel safer and faster.

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