Is it worth buying Royale Pass with UC in PUBG Mobile?

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

People often asks me whether they should buy Elite Pass or not in PUBG mobile, what are the benefits of Elite Pass and how long it’s gonna last. The thing is Elite Pass doesn’t come easy you have to spend like $10 or nearly 700 Rupees to get one Elite Pass.

The irony is there’s no other way to get Elite than of paying for it only. So, before someone spends single dollar in the game they must know whether it’s gonna worth it or not. Apart from rewards what all other benefits that you may get with Elite Pass and questions like this we’re gonna cover in this article.

What is Elite Royale Pass in PUBG?

Royale Elite Pass and Royale Elite Pass Plus are both kind of Passes which can be purchased via UC. While Royale Elite Pass can be purchased in 600 Uc which is nearly 730 rupees or $10 and Royale Elite Plus Pass costs $30 which is of 1800 UC.

It lasts for a complete one season when the season ends the elite pass also ends then again you need to buy a new Elite Pass. But the thing is You can collect enough Uc once you purchased Elite Royale Pass by complete Royale Pass Missions.

Royale Pass will give you RP mission each RP you get you’ll get some rewards then rewards won’t be like normal rewards but professional rewards with skins and emotes and many other things. Plus You’ll receiver premium crates and you’ll most often get Premium rewards from crates. So, one thing is for sure that you’ll get huge lumps of different rewards in the game.

Advantages of Elite Royale Pass

advantages of elite pass

  • It will give you legendary and epic outfits, skins of weapons, skins of the vehicle that you can’t get by any other way. Even when you open simple classic crates you will most times get legendary items.
  • Elite Pass will help you earn UC, yes, in rewards most times you’ll earn UC as well, in fact at the end of 100 RP you’ll be able to collect enough UC that will help to buy another Elite Pass again after the season is over.
  • You can buy Legendary skins directly from the store from UC, since you’ll receive UC also you can buy permanent legendary skins easily from store. This is another great advantage of buying the Elite Royale Pass.
  • You will rank up faster than anybody else, all the Elite Pass members have the advantage to complete daily missions and challenges faster than others who don’t have.
  • Shining Badge of RP, when you’re in the plane you’re name will be displayed as a shining badge that helps to recognize that you’re pro of the game.
  • You can easily participate and get free Royale Pass Points by participating in in-game events and also open crates as you’ll get many crates if you have Elite Pass.

Should we Buy Elite Pass?

The first thing I am gonna do is to give you reasons you should buy Elite Pass, the second is reasons why not to buy elite pass and then the conclusion who and why should buy Elite Pass that will help users to get clarity in answer.

Reason to Buy Elite Pass

To Support Developers

It may seem not an appropriate reason to buy Elite Pass but you don’t know how much effort and money it needs to make game like this. PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular game and it’s completely free plus PC version cost like 2,000 which is way more than the Elite Pass. So, to support developers to make more cool features and things in-game we should support them in some way and the best way is Buy Elite Pass.

In-game Reputation

If you’re playing a game for a while and you want to build your reputation then the best way is to go ahead with Royale Elite Pass. It’s been observed that tiny things like the name on the plane, skins, and shining badge that you get with Elite Pass have much effect on building a reputation in the game.

Legendary & Epic Skins

akm skin pubg

For all those who’re looking to get skins whether it’s for vehicles, weapons, grenades or even character outfits. The Elite Pass user will have way more and better skins than the normal user.

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Premium Items

Not only skins but Elite Pass users have the advantage of many premium items like emotes, room cards, character vouchers and many other things that you won’t get easier if you don’t have any pass.

Pro and Gamer

If you’re Pro or streamer or youtube or even if you spend more than 5 to 6 hours of a day playing PUBG mobile then also it’s worth spending on what you like. In this case, it will not be expenditure but works as an investment in yourself or what you like.

Reasons not to Buy Elite Pass


If you’re a beginner to the game then it’s not recommended to buy elite pass right away. Because even if you have royale pass then also you must need to complete the missions that need to have propers knowledge and little experience about the game. There’s no need to be a pro but at least one must have 1-2 months of game experience.

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Can’t Afford

There are few people for them it’s difficult to afford for Royale Pass, even if they want to purchase then also it’s not recommended to purchase Royale Pass. Rather save them for an effective way, invest them somewhere else or just give it to your mom, just kidding but it’s not recommended to buy Elite Pass if it’s difficult for your to arrange that money.

Barely Play game

If you’re the kind of player that plays the game once in a while it’s not suggested to buy Elite Pass as it’s not gonna worth it. Because when you have Royale Pass you have to spend time to earn RP and complete mission in order to get enough UC to Buy next season’s Royale Pass for free.


I think the only those player who is playing this game for a while and plays the game daily should buy Elite Pass, perfectly recommended to all those are Pros of the game and also for those who have enough money. But If you don’t play games daily for more than like 3 hours or can’t afford this much money then there’s no point in buying Royale Pass.

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