How to Change Voice in BattleGrounds PUBG Mobile (Funny Voices)

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

Voice chat is one of the best features available in PUBG Mobile. In fact, before Pubg Mobile there were many multiplayer games available but no game has gained as much popularity as PUBG mobile has gained because most multiplayer games back in the times don’t have voice chat features. You either have to write yourself or you can chat sometimes but in Battlegrounds mobile, you can easily voice chat with your voice or chat voice commands.

Most people want to change the voice of the game, and the best thing is that you can do change the voice of you and also of commands. Today, I am gonna give you a detailed article on how you can change the voice of chat commands plus you also.

How to change Voice Commands Chat in PUBG Mobile Battlegrounds

Let’s start with how you can change the commands in Battlegrounds mobile India:

Step 1: Open the PUBG Mobile game and click on the inventory option.

Step 2: Now you need to open the Equipment Box you can check from the image below. After clicking on that click on “Message Icon” Button this will show you Voice Commands on the left hand side of your display.

equipment box

Step 3: This is where you can totally customize the Voice Commands. To remove default voice simply click on the negative button (-). To add voice commands you can click on the Positive button (+).

Voice Commands

Step 4: Once you successfully did everything you can just click Ok.

I hope you successfully changed the voice of commands but this is not worth doing, I mean what if you could change your voice in PUBG Mobile, it would have been amazing. Don’t worry you can do so. Below is that only.

How to Change Voice in PUBG Mobile

Now, in order to change your Voice in PUBG mobile you can either do it by downloading few files or complete Voice changing software, both will work fine for you. Below is detailed steps:

Step 1: Download and Install the Voice Changing app, click here to download.
Step 2: Once you have installed the Voice Changing app then you need to give all the permissions it asks for.
Step 3: Open up the app and click on top right corner.
Step 4: You’ll find the list of different options, but you have to click on the “Gaming” option
Step 5: You can read all the instruction if you want and then you’ll see a diagram like this:

Step 6: There are devices you need like main phone where you will be playing the game.
Step 7: Secondary phone where you’ll be installing Voice changing application.
Step 8: AUX cable, you can buy one in amazon.
Step 9: Y- Splitter Cable you can also buy that one on amazon.
Step 10: Earphones and then you can select the voice that you want to have in the game.

These steps might look complicated but don’t worry you can also change voice with one another step, by downloading the voice-changing files.

Step 1: You need to download Voice Changing files, click here to download.
Step 2: Once you have downloaded Voice changing files then you need to download free zarchiver from google playstore.
Step 3: The file which you have downloaded will be named Active.sav, you need to copy it.
Step 4: Now go to Android>Data> Files> and find Tencent file.
Step 5: Now Open Tencent.ig and then open Files>UE4GAME>Shadowtrackerextra>Shadowtrackerextra>Saved>Savegames> Paste those files here.
Step 6: Now open your PUBG Mobile game and see in inventory that you have voice commands there, if yes, greate. Enjoy.

You can refer this video if you have any confusion:

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