How to Choose Weapon for you in PUBG Mobile

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

Choosing the perfect weapon in Battlegrounds Mobile is not an easy job. Sometimes AKM seems to be a better option as it has more damage but when it comes to range and recoil, I don’t think AKM would be better.

Most people prefer to have m416 but in case of a close fight, Groza would be a better option. Most times people want AWM but they also remember AWM comes with fight looting Airdrop, so, it’s gonna cost you.

Today, I will discuss which weapon you must have, which weapon is best in which situation and last what combination of weapons is best at a particular time.

How to Choose Perfect Weapon in BattleGrounds

Best Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles are probably the most important weapon in PUBG Mobile. It’s is best if you want to take the fight for long-range, and one-shot damage is most suitable for a long-range flight.

AWM – Best Sniper Rifle in the game
M24 – Best Runner up
Kar 98 – Most Commonly found
VSS – 9mm Sniper with 4x permanent scope

Loot an AirDrop for AWM and once you have AWM, you have the best Sniper Rifle in the game. AWM is strong enough to finish anyone with one shot at the head even if they have a level 3 helmet. You can read here Long range fight tips if you want to master snipping.

Assault rifle


Assault rifles are the most used guns in the game, in fact, you must have one assault rifle in the game, which one completely depends upon you. Here’s my ranking:

M416 – Best AR as recoil and damage
Groza – Highest Damage as AR
AKM – Best AR for Damage and close fight
SCAR – Best if you want to control recoil
MK47 Mutant – Greate Damage
M16A4 – Good Rate of fire

The best AR is completely dependent upon you, if you want AR for damage then simply go with AKM or Groza. Finding Groza may be quite difficult as it is hardly found in Airdrop. M416 is the best option for moderate recoil and more than moderate damage.

Mk47 Mutant would be my second choice for damage, it fires in burst but damage and rate of fire is considerably more than any other gun.

Submachine Guns are best if you want more fire rates with more ammos. The firing rate is unmatchable with any gun since the lower the damage of SMG guns I don’t prefer using AR Much.

M249 – Airdrop Gun
Tommy Gun – Best recoil option

UMP9 and UZI would be my first preference but in the case of SMGs you should pick any SMG possible, it doesn’t matter which one is best because you don’t want to pick any particular gun for the whole game.


Shotguns in pubg

Shotguns may look like one shot fire but their one shell of fire doe contains much ammo. That means higher the damage and higher the area covered but they are good for close range only. I don’t recommend having a shotgun unless you don’t have any other option or you’re very good at it.

DBS – Brand new 2 barrel Shotgun

Shotguns may be good at beginning just a few minutes after when you land but don’t keep them for a longer period.


Believe me, I have never used and never picked any pistol, i don’t even see the reason why PUBG mobile still is having Pistols in the game. There’s no point in having a pistol no matter which one. But in case you want to have it you can have it.


Best Weapon Combination for Battlegrounds Mobile

Besides choosing the perfect weapon matters a lot but it’s also very important to consider the weapon combination. The combination of Guns varies according to the person and their skills, so, you can consider one of these combinations.

M416 + M24 or any sniper

For those who have a problem with recoil but want damage then M24 with M416 are the best option. M416 works well with any scope but which one to choose is completely a gamer’s choice. I use 3x and sometimes 6x with complete zoom out. M24 works well with 4x to 8x any scope if you can find AWM then great.

AKM, Groza + M24, AWM

The highest damage Guns are AKM and Groza, so, go with one of them. In the case of Sniper go with m24 which is the best sniper after AWM and if you manage to get AWM then it’s best for you.


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