BGMI Addiction is it real or just a flex? How to Control BGMI Addiction

BGMI is becoming more and more popular in India each day. And everyday we listen to different stories that represent BMGI Addiction among people. These stories include spending way too much money, spending whole days playing BGMI, fighting someone in real life because of BGMI, and so on.

But the question is, is BGMI really that addictive or these stories had their own meaning. And if you’re addicted to BGMI what are all things you can do to control that addiction.

Is BGMI really addictive?

Well, it depends upon person to person, if you ask me BGMI is not that addictive even many professional gamers and streamers also believe that BGMI is not that addictive. And when I am talking about BGMI I am also referring to PUBG Mobile too. But since there are lot of people playing game in India especially you can always find different exceptions.

Different people have different perspectives and different goals, to achieve these goals they play BGMI for hours and hours which requires time and money and when they can’t achieve that goal for any reason they feel disappointed and this is why you hear many different stories of BGMI.

But yes, it’s not wrong to say that there are people who are really obsessed with the game that they can’t control themselves playing BGMI. Since it’s just a video game, not any kind of addictive thing you can always get out of this addiction. And if you need any kind of help then there are some suggestions below you can follow.

Spending too much in BGMI

There have been many stories when many teens have spent several thousand rupees in BGMI or PUBG Mobile and these cases need parental guidance. Because without their will I don’t think anyone could spend a single rupee without knowing the details of a credit card.

Plus with the new BGMI, it has been spending in the game has been restricted which means you can’t spend more than 7,000 if you’re under 18 to do so you have to go through parental permissions and something.

Fighting over BGMI

These cases are all over social media when someone has fought with a brother, friend or someone just because he didn’t pass flare gun to him in the game or something. This is true but most times this happened in the heat of the game, if a person can’t control his anger that causes this problem.

The only solution for this problem is to unfriend the person who can’t control his anger when you won’t play with him you don’t have to worry about anything.

How to Control BGMI Addiction

If you’re addict to BGMI then there are chances that you may do any of these things above mentioned, and if you want to control the BGMI Addiction then you can check these tips.

Play Less

Well, the simple and easiest way to control BGMI addiction is to play less, I know this is why the problem is we can’t play less when you addict to a game. But you have to give yourself control that you won’t play game much, by doing other activities like go outside, talk to your friends and family or just simply do other tasks which are important in your life.

In fact, professional gamers also have set a certain amount of time that they would spend on the game. You must also set how much time you’re gonna play BGMI in a day, I would suggest not to decline your time drastically buy now, you should decrease it every week little by little.

Like if you’re playing 12 hours a day now, you could reduce it to 8 hours, and after 2 weeks you can go upto 6 hours and then 4 hours and 2 hours finally is enough time a day to spend in BGMI.

Replace the game

If can’t replace it with any physical sport activity or any other hobby then you can simply replace it with other games which aren’t too addict but good to play like Solar smash, kick the buddy, etc. But make sure you don’t choose another addictive game otherwise you gonna have to control its addiction as well.

But I highly recommend that rather than replacing it with another mobile game you should replace it with sport activity, I personally was an addict to something, not BGMI and to replace it I started playing badminton every evening and believe me that helped me a lot.

Replacing it with real physical sport not just helps you control addiction but also be good for your health and this is how you could give it a long-running shot.

Make friends who don’t Play BGMI

If you want to keep control of BGMI to yourself then you’re gonna have to make some radical changes in your daily lifestyle. That starts from making good friends and real friends. A person who plays BGMI all daily must definitely have a lot of friends in-game but in reality, I don’t think the number is good.

So, you have to join the community where people talk less about the game, you have to make new friends who don’t play BGMI that much this is how you’re gonna make new community and new communication skills.


To be honest, you don’t have to worry about BGMI addiction that much, it’s not big deal since it’s just a video game. You can overcome it easily all you need to have is willpower. You have to make some changes and you’ll see that your daily lifestyle has been improved.

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