How to Control Recoil & Aim Better in BGMI

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

Battlegrounds or PUBG Mobile, no matter which game you’re playing you got have good aim skills or recoil control in order to be pro of the game. In fact, Recoil control is one that skill if you master you’ll notice a drastic improvement in your game.

Controlling recoil isn’t an easy job, there are many things that matter like Gun, your sensitivity, aim assist and many other things. Today, we’re gonna discuss some of the most popular and best ways that could help you easily matter recoil control and every time you shoot you shoot at head.

While not just recoil plays an important job but also Aim. You got to aim at enemies head if not at least on the enemy. We’ll also discuss how you can aim better and get a perfect shot.

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How to Control Recoil in BGMI

Choosing Weapon


So, start with a big change, you must know which weapons suit you better. Well, different weapons have their own recoil pattern, like AKM and Groza has the highest recoil whereas weapons like Scar-l and M416 have medium recoil and weapons like scorpion and UZI and also zero recoils.

But hey, while AKM has the highest Damage and medium fire rate, M416 has medium damage and high fire rate, UZI has the lowest damage but the highest among all fire rates.

This is why you need to make sure which one is you’re good at and accordingly decide the weapons. If you ask me personally when I don’t keep Sniper I usually prefer, AKM with UZI that gives me both damage and fire rate but in case I have a sniper I want a medium to close range weapon that works best with M416.

If you’re not that good at recoil control then I suggest going with M416 but if yes, AKM works best. If you want a good fire rate hen to go with UZI or Vector. You can check here the best Gun Combination which you use BGMI.

Additional Attachments

Attachments for m416

While how you choose the gun is important, it is also important to know what all attachments you attach in your gun. These attachments include foregrip, muzzle and stock. We’ll discuss which one by one and how it’s gonna impact your gamestyle.


When it comes to controlling recoil using attachments foregrips are most popular in that case. You could find many different BGMI foregrips, each foregrip has its own function and feature. Like Angled Foregrip and Hafl grip is best for recoil and sprays, vertical foregrip and light grip is best for tapping fire, thumb grip will decrease the quick scope open time, laser sigh is best for combats.


The second important thing to decrease recoil is a muzzle, when it comes to a muzzle without thing twice just go with the compensator. If you want to reduce the verticle recoil then just go with a compensator, or if can’t find a compensator then just go with a flash hider. It does just not hide the fire flash but also reduces some amount of recoil.

But suppressor here is not that good to control recoil but it also works fine if there’s nothing else attach.


Stock is another very useful attachment to have good recoil recovery. It also helps in horizontal recoil control, but having stock is not possible by all the weapons, so, there are very few guns that have the feature of stock attachment. Most popular guns having Stock attachment ability is M416, M16A4, etc.

Sensitivity & Settings

senstivity in bgmi

Above were the in-match settings which affect the gameplay, here is in-game sensitivity and settings that could help you improve the game performance.

ADS settings

ADS settings is when you pull down your finger this will decrease the recoil of the gun. If you’re a beginner then this setting could change your game to way next level.  This will stable your gun according to your comfort, got to Settings, Senstivity then ADS Settings, I can’t give you exactly how much ADS setting would be good for you but higher ADS means you have to pull down your finger lesser to control recoil and vice versa.

Change the sensitivity of third-person no scope and also red dod and holo plus whichever scope your use most, don’t increase ADS for higher scopes like 4x, 6x and 8x if you’re using them on sniper only.


Gyroscope sometimes impacts negative way, so, make sure you use it only if you practice it first and see how to goes for you. Turning the Gyroscope on will help you control recoil with motion. Many gamers and pros let their Gyro turned on but some don’t like Gyroscope, so, you have to decide it yourself.

Make sure your device has Gyroscope hardware, well most devices these days have Gyroscope but in case your device doesn’t have then there’s no point in turning Gyro on.

Other Scope Sensitivities

Not just ADS Sensitivity but you can also try to change other sensitivities. But it’s highly recommended that you don’t change default sensitivity unless you’re sure that it’s creating a problem, only professional players are recommended to change Sensitivity, if you’re a beginner or even intermediate then also don’t change other sensitivity.

But in case you want to try then make sure you save your previous sensitivity, also once you changed your sensitivity make sure you save that also.

Crouch and Prone

prone in bgmi

Crouch and Prone position significantly decrease the gun recoil and you get a perfect shot, and it’s the best method if you’re a beginner. If you AR with higher scope like 4x or even 6x and you see enemies far away, just take a higher position prone right there and fire. You’ll notice that it will impact too much in recoil.

Moreover, guns like DP and MK  works so well with this trick that gives near to zero recoil. But don’t use this trick if you’re taking the close fight because you want to aim for the head and it won’t work if you are prone when the enemy is too close to you.

Keep your Courser Above

Always try to keep your course a little above this will help you aim for the head, try to shoot at enemies head. Always aim for the head and shoot at the head only. The fact of the matter is if you have AKM and you successfully get even 2 shots to head, it’s enough to get the enemy finished.

Practice Training

While all other things are at one side and practice at another, even if you follow all the above tips and tricks but don’t practice recoil then you’re not gonna get what you want. You must play practice sessions on training matches, you’ll practice all the weapons with all scope and attachments. Even if you want to check which sensitivity works best for you can easily be checked in training sessions.


If you want to become a pro in BGMI then you must know how to control recoil. If you manage to control recoil and aim for head then you’ll notice that you’re game has improved to the next level. Above were the best tips which you can follow to improve your recoil control.

If you have any questions or query then you can comment down below, we’ll reply with your answer. Explore our blog to know more about BGMI and the secrete tips and tricks that no one has ever told you before.

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