How to Fix Lag, Bugs, Low Ping & Increase FPS in BGMI

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (3 months ago)

With BGMI released in India, it is also discovered that Lag and Frame drops is a rising problem in the new game. Lag in PUBG has always been an issue of concern for many users, in fact, those who have higher-end devices also face this issue sometimes.

There could be different reasons why one facing this issue, sometimes it occurs because of Internet connection, most time because of device performance and sometimes because of mobile error or in-game problem.

Today, we’re gonna look at every possible aspect that causing any problem in your game and how you can fix it. Also, we’re gonna discuss how to increase FPS in BGMI that will give you extreme FPS you’ll see significant improvement in your gamestyle.

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How to Fix Lags, Bugs, Low Ping & Increase FPS in BGMI

Low-End Device Causes Major Lags

When we’re talking about major Lag issues the main cause of it is Low-end devices. If you have devices like 2-3 GB Ram with Low processor then it’s very likely that you’ll face lag in BGMI. Even things like the android version, storage capacity, and GPU matter very much.


The best and simplest solution, in this case, would be to change your device, but in case you don’t want to change your device what you can do is download GFX tool. This will significantly increase FPS but it also comes with some cons, like drain the battery too fast, decreases graphics or sometimes make some changes in controls.

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Internet Connection causes Ping Problem

ping issue in bgmi

Whenever you’re facing Ping Issue the main cause could be either a server problem or an Internet Connection. Ping issues irritate me the most because I completely lose control over the game, and most times when players get died because of a bug it was a Ping issue.


In the case of a server, you can simply change the server but if it’s an Internet Connection problem then try to get a stable connection like Wifi but if it’s a mobile connection then find a spot where you can get a stable connection to your home.

And if you’re still facing a problem then simply switch on Airplane mode and turn it off after few seconds it will connect you to the nearest tower of your provider.

Also make sure that you have a DNS connection of GOOGLE only, go to settings, search DNS, and change to or

In-game Graphics Settings

Most times when people have both the higher-end device plus good Internet connection but still they’re facing the lag issue then the major cause of their lag is in-game settings. There are only a few devices that could handle ultra FPS at HDR graphics with realistic view but it’s not recommended in most devices.

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You’re gonna have to change the settings of the game, the main settings to change is:

  • Go to Settings>Graphics
  • Change Graphics to Smooth
  • Change Frame Rate to Maximum possible showing
  • Style to Normal

You can check here the Best BGMI settings to have if you’re new to the game or you’re facing any kind of issue. Other Settings such as control or sensitivity will not affect the game experience butt most settings in the graphics tab will significantly change the graphic style of your game, so make sure you change them correctly.

Storage Full make the game lag

storage full problem solve in bgmi

Another most popular cause of facing lag in BGMI or even PUBG Mobile is when your device storage is full. Even if more than 30% of storage is available then also in some devices it could show some lag issue. But mostly when you’ve left with space like 500 Mb or such then only you face such issues. It has been observed this storage problem comes most to the devices that have storage of 64 GB.


The Solution is quite simple, just clean the junk you have in your device, make sure you have at least more than 2 GB of storage left, and don’t install anything after that. I recommend freeing up at least 20% of storage this will ensure that you won’t face any problems in the future as well.

Most people might say that they don’t know what exactly their device is filled with, don’t worry you don’t have to worry about that also, just follow the simple steps:

  1. First step is to open Settings>Storage, this will show you what exactly your phone is filled with
  2. It will have images, videos Apps and others, while apps will have most storage contained followed by videos and system
  3. Don’t touch the system till it is very necessary
  4. Open Settings>App Manager or Storage>Apps
  5. It will automatically sort all the apps according to storage it contained
  6. Then you just have to open that app which contains most storage
  7. Open that app and clear the cache of that app, if not clear data if you sure that you don’t need data of that app (like google, chrome, other)
  8. You can also completely uninstall the app if you believe it’s of no use

Clear Cache of the game could fix most Bugs and Glitches

clear cache bgmi

Sometimes the only simple solution works best, like Clearing the cache of the game. In fact, a few days ago I was facing one glitch in TDM what I did is cleared the cache of the game that totally fixed the glitch. Most Bugs and glitches can easily be fixed via Clearing cache. If not then also can be fixed via reporting that issue.


  • Open Settings>App Manager
  • Open BGMI and at the bottom click on clear cache
  • Make sure to turn off the game before you do that
  • Restart the game and Enjoy

If that doesn’t help you can also click on the Report button and report an issue you’re facing. After BGMI detects the issue it will automatically fix the problem within a few hours or days.

Clear Background Process

Sometimes you face Ping Issue or Lag issues just because something in the background is running or consuming your Internet Connection.  When you know that your Internet Connection is not good enough to handle multiple tasks of background then you should have anything running background. Even if you have 3 GB Ram or even 4 GB Ram then also make sure there’s nothing going on in the background.

This doesn’t end here, there are many applications that run in the background without even being at taskbars, such as Snapchat or even Instagram that consume a lot of data, So either stop them running in the background or uninstall them also works best.

Game Booster

If you’re playing games daily and are kind of obsessed with BGMI then you must have Game Booster for sure. Game Booster is an app that not only cache game to get you the best gaming experience but also help you hide notifications while playing game also reject the call if you want it to reject.

Game Booster will also boost the gaming experience and FPS of the game, not only you can also manage apps like WhatsApp or instagram from the sidebar of Game Booster that too while playing the game only.

Enable 4xMSAA and change animation scales to 0.5

Enable 4xMSAA

There is one developer settings that you can enable to improve your mobile performance. MSAA (Multi-sample anti-aliasing) that you can enable from developer settings will improve FPS in the game and you’ll notice frame increase in the game.

One another mode also available named Window Animation Scale to 0.5x, Animation Duration scale to 0.5x and change transition animation scale to 0.5x, also Disable HW overlays and then restart your mobile device.

Turn off unnecessary services

Unnecessary service that keeps running in the background causes major issues like ping problems or even lag issues many times. These services include location, auto-rotation, OSIE visual effects, make sure to turn them off so that they don’t consume any extra data while you’re playing the game.

Just restart your device

Whenever you’re facing any kind of issue or bug the first thing you could try out is restart your device. This might look simple but it has fixed many of my in-game issues this is probably the easiest method that you could try out doing to fix any bug or glitch.

GFX Tool

GFX Tool is one of the most popular and used tools, no matter what device you have you want complete control over game performance and game graphics then you must have a GFX tool. It will significantly improve the game performance that you won’t achieve by any method.

You just have to do some settings and that’s it you’re ready to go. GFX Tool is free and doesn’t consume too much battery, so you can easily use it without having any problem. You can follow the video below if you want to know settings and more about GFX tool:


So, above are all the steps that you can follow if you want to fix lag and bugs problems and increase the game performance of BGMI. If you have any questions you can comment down below or feel free to ask via the contact us page.

If you want to check more articles regarding BGMI, tips and tricks, how-to tutorials you can explore the blog to know more.

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