How to Get Free Skin in PUBG Mobile

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

In almost all games skins are one of the most important things that makes a particular gamer different from another. Better the gamer has skin better he is in playing one game. Similarly in Battlegrounds Mobile also called PUBG Mobile people want to have different kinds of skins.

The good thing is PUBG has all kinds of skins, for Guns you’ll have different skins for all weapons, for Car you’ll have cool-looking skin for all vehicles, for the person himself, different clothes, and wearable items make it cool. But unlocking them by a normal person is as difficult as it is for gamers who have UC.

Few skins can be unlocked via completing the mission, and few can be unlocked by buying them or from UC. But most rare skins are only be unlocked with secret methods and ways we’re gonna discuss today.

How To Get Free Skins in PUBG Mobile

The VPN Method

best vpn for pubg mobile

You might have already heard of the VPN method, but have you tried it. If not then continue reading and if yes, then try this VPN with this country. You’ll gonna get a vehicle or any AR skin.

To understand, PUBG encourages countries where a low margin of people playing the game by giving them free awesome skins. This is the reason switching to that country could help you achieving particular skin. Here’s Method:

  1. Go to the Play Store and Download “Turbo VPN” You can refer here top VPN for PUBG.
  2. Install the Turbo VPN and Change the Location to Russia
  3. Click on Connect and open the game
  4. Go to Mail Section, you’ll see you got some rewards to click to collect.
  5. These rewards will be crates to open. But make sure you don’t open crates with Russia country on. You have to change the country.
  6. Open Turnbo VPN again and switch the country to Japan
  7. Now, Go to the inventory section and open the crates
  8. You’ll gonna get any AR skin or vehicle skin

Google Opinion Rewards Method

The second method is a bit lengthy but worth it. What you can do is open Google opinion rewards and try to fill any survey. Mostly you won’t get any survey but in case you get one you’ll earn some balance. And with this balance, you can buy UC in the game and then buy a skin or anything you want.

  1. Open Google Play Store and download “Google Opinion Rewards
  2. When you open the Google Opinion Rewards for the first time you’ll get one survey but this survey won’t give you anything
  3. After a while, you’ll start getting more surveys and once you do you’ll also start getting the balance
  4. This balance can easily be converted in PUBG UC and with that UC you can buy Skins.

Since this Application is of Google you’ll get complete trust and privacy of your survey. Plus it’s a legitimate application that will gonna help you earn few bucks. There are many other reward apps like Swagbucks and more but I don’t recommend it to you because Google has trust.

Increasing RP

If you’re serious about skins and PUBG then I suggest you buy a Royal pass. The rewards you’ll get with a royal pass are way better than the rewards you get without a royal pass even if you reached the RP 100. This is why you must buy Royal Pass if you could afford it. But in most cases, I don’t recommend buying a Royal pass as it’s not worth it wasting $10 every 3 months just in a game. Here’s complete article whether you should buy elite pass or not?

So, Always try to complete RP levels because you’ll gonna get awesome skins after you reach the level 80+ in RP. Not only just skins but increasing RP will also help you achieve other skins like Vehicle skins, or emotes that will make you kind of professional.

But it is a little difficult to increase the level, you must be better at close fights and importantly taking long-range fights especially with Snipers and so.


Most people simply just ignore the event section but they don’t know that even comes up with new opportunities and ways by which you can get some skins real quick. Most events have simple missions like collect these balls or something from the game.

And once you have a certain number of balls then you’ll get one premium or better crate coupon. Or most times you get a kind of event to create itself that will have some better rewards for you for sure. I have received many skins just by playing Events only. So, don’t ever ignore the event they can give you the best results.

Redeem Codes

Redeem Codes are another best way to find awesome skins. And the best thing about this method is that you don’t have to wait or do hardwork for anything. All you need to do is copy and paste the redeem codes. But more importantly, you must know which redeem code you’re using.

The only drawback of redeem codes is the period of skins. Some Redeem codes provide Skins for all time but most redeem are of limited periods like 7 days max.

Free AKM Gun Skins Redeem code

akm skin pubg

AKM is one of the best Guns in PUBG Mobile when it comes to damage. AKM has high recoil but if you manage to control it then you’ll be a beast in-game and AKM with iron sight is the best option to practice becoming a fnishing machine.

Redeem Code for AKM: SD14G84FCC

  1. Open PUBG Mobile Game
  2. Go to the reward section of the game
  3. Enter your ID and Coupon Code
  4. Click on the Claim button
  5. And you’ll get AKM free skin for 7 days

Free M416 Glacier Gun Skin Redeem Code

M416 Glacier Skin is the most popular skin of PUBG Mobile ever. All people want to have this skin but finding it is not an easy job. Well, it’s next to impossible that you could find M416 Glacier Gun Skin for Permanent but you can get it for some time with this redeem code.


You can’t even buy M416 Glacier Guns skin with UC, even professional Youtubers have spent over $2000 just to unlock M416 Glacier Skin. There’s one trick also that you can follow and see if you get any luck.

  1. Copy the redeem code I provided above
  2. Open Google Play Store and download “Turbo VPN”
  3. Install the Turbo VPN and Select the Country “Korea”
  4. Click on Connect option
  5. Open the browser and open PUBG Reward Center
  6. Enter your ID and Redeem Code
  7. With Korea Server, you might get lucky and you get M416 Glacier Skin.

But again I am saying chances are very low that you would get M416 Glacier skin as it’s super rare skin of the game. Many people struggle to get this gun but they don’t achieve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best way to get Free skin?

The best way to get free skin in PUBG Mobile is by opening crates. Open crates have been proved to be the best way to get any skin, even redeem codes and RP Skins are not as good as opening crates is.

Which skins the rarest skin of pubg mobile?

Terror Fang Kar98K and M416 Glacier is the most rare upgradable skin of PUBG Mobile which is with a very limited number of people. Not even with some professional YouTubers and streamers.

Do redeem codes always works?

No, redeem codes generally expires very soon, so, they don’t always work. Even if they do work they will provide you particular skin for few days only like 7-14 days.

Should we buy UC in PUBG Mobile?

In case you’re obsessed with skins, rewards and other things then you could definitely go and buy UC then Royal pass as you’ll get way more skins and rewards than normal gamer. Otherwise, I don’t recommend buy UC as it’s not worth it.

Do Survey apps give money?

Yes, but it takes time, in most cases, you’ll need to take survey for almost 3 months then only you will have enough money to buy any skin.


I hope all your doubts regard how you can get free skin for PUBG Mobile is cleared, if you still have any doubt or any suggestion then you can comment down below.

If you want to contact us or recommend any topic feel free to contact us we’ll happy to reply you. You can explore most articles like this if you want to know more about PUBG Mobile.


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