How to Get Character Voucher in Battlegrounds Mobile

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

Like in any other game characters are one of the most interesting things in PUBG Mobile. battlegrounds has launched special characters in the game and it keeps on launching new characters after some time. Currently, there are 4 different characters in the game and each one has its own skill and features.

Many people have this doubt that how can they unlock Characters in BGMI Mobile apart from purchasing them as most of them cost UC which cost you real money. Today, we’re gonna clear you all doubts regarding this like how to get the character for free with character vouchers plus clear your doubts like which character is best.

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All Character of BGMI Mobile Explained & How to Get

1. Victor

victor in pubg

Victor is the most popular and easiest to acquire character of the BGMI Mobile game. It was the first character introduced in BGMI Mobile. The best thing is, it’s completely Free, you can just select this character whenever you want and you don’t have to pay anything.

The specialty of Victor is the ability to reduce SMG reloading up to 10% once you successfully reached Level 9 before that SMG reloading time will be reduced by 4% to 5%. If you choose this character you’ll also get special Voice Chat options.

Not only this but Victor comes with 3 different outfits, which are Scorching Armor, Alloy Armor and Legendary Conquest, plus default clothes of course.

How to Unlock Victor

Well, you don’t have to give anything or any UC to unlock Victor, just click on the highlighting Tab Workshop then select a character. After doing this, you’ll see Victor’s character appearing on your device, it will show all the information, outfits, skill, emotes and voice options available. You can easily click on Get Victo Free underneath the screen and use it.

If you want to get Victor free, you have to click on the tab highlighting Workshop and select the character. In doing so, you will find Victor as appearing on your device screen with the description of his story, skills, emotes, outfits, and voice. You may even find a clickable option of getting Victor free below the character to use it.

2. Sara

sara in pubg mobile

Currently, Sara also known as vehicle expert is the only female character in BattleGrounds Mobile. Sara special power comes with you’re riding the vehicle with Sara, it will increase the durability of the vehicle. Sara can easily increase the durability of upto 10% of the vehicle upon completely upgrade of character. However, it costs 600 UC or 600 Character Vouchers to Unlock this character.

How to Get this Character?

So, you have to play strategically and do little of hardwork to get this character. So, BGMI Mobile will give you 60 Character Vouchers for free, and sara costs 600. So you have to collect 540 more characters Voucher.

To Get Character Vouchers to unlock Sara you need to collect Rusty nuts (Rusty Nut is cupon you get upon complete New Daily Missions)

In this case, to get character vouchers, first, you will need to collect Rusty Nut(Rusty Nut is a new daily mission cupon)
To collect Rusty Nut, go to the Event Section, then Apocalypse. You will see some missions like-

  • Get 4 Rusty nuts upon login
  • Get 4 More Rusty Nuts for traveling more than 2000 meters in classic match.
  • You’ll get 4 Rusty Nuts for traveling 5000 meters again
  • 4 Rusty nuts when you complete 40 minutes of the game
  • 6 Rusty Nuts if you complete 60 Minutes of game

If Rusty Nuts Mission is no longer available then you can check other missions available in Event Section, the only way to Unlock Sara is by completing missions in the even section.

3. Carlo

carlo in pubg

Carlo is my favorite character among all. Not because he’s good at what he is but for his looks and outfits. You’ll get amazing-looking outfits and hairstyles if you have Carlo’s Character. He can also reduce the fall damage by 34% but you need to reach level 9 for that. But best comes with a price you need to pay like 1200 UC or 1200 Character Voucher to Unlock this.

How to Unlock this character?

So, again you need to visit the Event Section to what are the available missions you have. You need to do those missions sometimes it’s not a mission but it’s collecting some sort of stuff from erangle map then you can unlock a character voucher from that stuff. After you have enough Character Voucher go to Workshop>Characters>Carlo and get it.

4. Andy

any in pubg mobile

Andy is the latest and new Character in battlegrounds India. This character comes with abilities like increase the Gun Draw and put-away the speed. Once you reach the maximum level you’ll see that speed of drawing guns and putting them away has been increased by 16%. And this also costs 1200 UC or 1200 character Vouchers.

How to Unlock the character?

There are high chances that you can unlock this character now, because there’s an Andy Character Launch event going on, participate in that easily complete the mission and Win Andy. You can check the best settings for BGMI Mobile that will help you increase the game perfomance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is the best Character?

This question has been asked most of time which one is Best, is it Sara, victor, or Andy. So, it has been already said and observed by professional gamers and experts that no matter whichever Character you use, the chances of significantly changing the game is less than 1%.

Yes, Characters don’t affect the gameplay, all do is your skills. Talking about best among them is personally Carlo not because of his skill of reducing fall damage, I barely jump once or twice in a game from higher locations. It’s because of his looks, I think all that matters in the characters is the rest of his look is just a small ability that doesn’t have much use.

But as for professional advice, Sara is best among all because she increase the durability of Vehicle and we all know if vehicle damages it finishes all the person sitting in it. Victor’s reloading SMG faster is of no use, Most people don’t even use SMG. Andy special ability works with Guns only not all items, how many time do you switch Guns, not very much.

Does using VPN get me Character?

No Changing to any other country won’t give you free character, sometime it will increase the chance of getting more points from an even sections but it’s not worth using VPN for those little points.

Is Purchasing Characters with UC worth it?

I always said, not only just characters but even Royale Pass is not worth buying. If you’re a very rich or professional streamer or something then only you should buy UC other than that it’s not worth it.

How to get a character Voucher?

The only and best way to get character Vouchers is completing missions in even Section, this is the best and only way of getting a character Voucher.


I hope all your doubts regarding character vouchers is cleared, if you have any question or doubt left, you can comment down below. You can also contact us if you want to know about something else.


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