TOP Hidden/Secret Spots & Locations in BGMI to Explore

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

There are many times when killing enemies or riding a motorcycle in BGMI is not that fun. This time the best thing to do is go in these best-hidden locations and spots to explore some other interesting things in PUBG Mobile.

Today, I am gonna share with you some best things that you can do in BGMI and hidden and secret spots that very few people have explored and tried in PUBG Mobile. You’ll be one of those people, you can also show this off to your friends and see their reaction to it.

Some of these things just happened because of bugs and, some are intentionally placed there but all of them are interesting and I am sure you must haven’t gone there before.

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BGMI Secret Locations to Explore

Climb on Tree in Erangle/Appartments

There’s tree in Erangle Map where you can climb on. Yes, Other than that tree you cannot climb on any other tree in any map of the game but in Erangle Map near apartments, there’s the tree you can climb on. However, you can’t straight away climb from bottom to top but you have to climb like jumping from a building’s roof to a tree.

This is a suitable place to hide also when you know enemies are gonna come on the roof you just jump and hide there when enemies come you shoot. But it’s not as easy as you think because if you fail to climb straight you’re gonna end up falling down and getting finished or knocked out.

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So, make sure you have one team member to revive you again and also enough health to survive the fall. But after one or 2 tries everyone easily able to climb that tree, it’s no big deal to climb just one tree in PUBG Mobile, I think next time you go to apartments you must once try this tree climbing. Your friends too are gonna get surprised.

Enter Driver’s Room in Vekendi

Enter Driver's Room in Vekendi

Well, I don’t think most people might be playing Vekendi map but if you want to explore some awesome places vekendi is the map where you’ll see many different hidden caves and locations to explore.

Go to port of vekendi and you’ll see Shipwreck, you won’t be able to drive that shipwreck however you can go to the driver’s room where you can find some loot to put in your bag. You have to the end of the island where you’ll find this shipwreck and enter the driver’s room.

Vekendi just not have this shipwreck only but you’ll also able to see many hidden caves in vekendi as well, let’s look at hidden cave of the vekendi map.

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Hidden Cave in Vekendi have Best Supplies

Vekendi also has one hidden cave that contains the best supplies in vekendi map, these supplies are like airdrop supplies and enough for the squad. You can find guns like M416, AKM and many other premium loots that you won’t easily find anywhere else.

This location is on north side of Podvosto, this cave has a high roof, you can refer the video below to know complete details. In order to enter the cave, you need to separate the entryway or blockade of the cave that can be done via vehicle only.

You need to have any vehicle and run it at full speed towards the direction of the cave. With full-throttle crush the blockade and enter the cave. The fun part is that you’ll find many real red drops that will be already there that you can explore whenever you want. These red drops will contain actual loot like an AirDrop.

Cave in Miramar contains premium loot

Miramar does also have one hidden cave that contains much loot. When I am saying premium loot that means premium where you could easily find guns like AWM, Groza and more. This cave is situated close to Los Leones you can see the exact location in the video below but I recommend that you go there yourself and see what loot you get.

Miramar is no doubt a big map, so, I recommend you to loot as soon as possible as moving from one location to another in Miramar is gonna be difficult for you.

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Tall Tower in Erangle

Just next to Novorepnaye and military base there’s a location with a tall tower where you can go up there and get enough area covered easily. You might need sniper at the top so, you keep that before you go up there, and big scope as well.

This location is suitable enough to detect all the enemies around military base and Novo goes up to bridge so, it’s worth checking out./


Well, there are many other locations to explore in BGMI but these were the locations that are most hidden and best to do in the game. If you have any other location in mind you can comment down below I’ll add up in the article or if you have any doubt you can ask below that too.

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