How to Send UC to Friends in PUBG (BGMI) Mobile[All New Tricks]

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

PUBG Mobile is still one of the most played games in India, even after the re-launch of it still continues to gain its trend in the name of BGMI. UC still leads to be the most valuable item in the game and since it cannot be achieved either get by reward the only way to get UC is by paying for it.

But you can also Send UC to your Friends as well, or receive UC from your Friend if he’s kind enough. Well, BGMI came with many new features that will help you send or receive UC easily, apart from these features there are many other methods also that can help you receive UC from a friend or you can also send in BGMI.

Today, we’re gonna discuss some methods by which you can transfer UC between your friends and not just UC but also Royale pass.

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What is UC and its Features?

UC is an in-game currency of BGMI unlike any other currency this is the most prestigious and hard-earned currency. With UC you can buy many different rare in-game items from weapon skins to outfits, all legendary items can easily be bought using UC.

The biggest advantage of having UC is that you can buy a Royale pass that will significantly change your reputation in the game. Royale pass help you win different rewards, outfits, and skins, plus it will give you a glowing badge that will take you out of normal.

Plus you can buy some premium items such as unlimited room cards, rename cards, legendary crates that aren’t available easily.

But the problem comes with purchasing it since it’s not cheap to buy or you can’t achieve it the only way to get it is getting it as gift from a friend. You can check here the article is a royale pass worth purchasing or not?

How you can Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile

Most people ask me some methods to earn free UC in PUBG Mobile, there are plenty of methods that can help you earn UC in BGMI, and some of them I am gonna discuss below:

Google Opinion Rewards

google opinion rewards

The most working and best way to get earn Free UC in BGMI is Google Opinion Rewards. In fact, many of my friends and users in group have used Google Opinion Rewards for a quite while and after that they successfully earned enough UC that they could buy a Royale Pass.

It’s quite simple to earn UC in Google Opinion Rewards, all you need to do is download Google Opinion Rewards application, do a small survey, make sure you answer correctly and honestly otherwise you’re not gonna get rewards for the answers. Then wait for next survey.

Every time you receive a survey you get few bucks and at last you can easily redeem it into Paytm or buy UC in BGMI.


GPT Apps is another app that pays you in points. You’ll get different tasks to complete and when you complete them you’ll receive rewards. The rewards will be in points, and when you have enough points then you can redeem the points into Google Play voucher, or other platforms. But I suggest redeeming into Play Voucher only which will help you buy BGMI UC easily.

Redeem Codes

The other simple and easiest method of getting UC in the game is by using redeem Codes. Krafton releases Redeem Codes for BGMI Mobile that could give the UC in a game. However they are in a very limited number so, you need to be quick.

Mostly they are released by Youtubers, streamers, or Companies, how to get them it’s easy. Follow Youtubers and their stream or when a company has offer.

Participating in Custom Room Streams

participating in custom rooms

There are many YouTubers that do Custom room streams, it’s basically Youtuber make a Custom Room then whosoever wins that custom Room will get UC at the End. By this also you can get UC. Many Youtubers ever do they custom Rooms for royale pass also. But you need to make sure that you’re good BGMI, camping is basically surviving trick in these custom rooms. Here are some tips that help you survive till last.

Participating in Tournaments

Participating in Tournaments is another good method by which you can earn UC in BGMI. There are many applications to participate in tournaments but it’s gonna cost some money also. You have to spend some bucks to participate and you need to get enough kills or survive till last to get enough money to buy UC.

You can also check the tournament in the BGMI tournament section, there are official tournaments that keep on updating there.

How to Send UC to your Friend in BGMI

So, you can’t simply send UC to your friend in BGMI, the game doesn’t allow you to do so, but you can send UC as gift from different sources. One most popular sources is

So, basically, it’s a kind of official site that lets you send UC to your friends. Either you can go to PUBG Mobile official site to send UC but when you click on pay it will redirect to only. Follow these steps to send UC:

  1. Go to and click on a region, Select the region to India
  2. Then click on PUBG Mobile Game
  3. There’s you’ll see 3 options, Top-up, Royale pass, Elite Pass, click on of those whichever you want
  4. If you want to send UC click on the Top-up
  5. After that enter the player ID and select the payment method
  6. Select the product basically how many UC you want to send
  7. Complete the payment

Your friend will see the UC in the Mail section. And from there only he can redeem into his account. Midasbuy is most commonly and trusted method to send UC to your friends, in fact streamers also giveaway using this method only.

Send UC in BGMI

send royale pass in bgmi

If you’re using BGMI then you don’t even have to follow the above method, you can send UC from in-game only. Just follow these simple steps in order to get send UC.

  1. You must have UC already in your account to do this
  2. If you don’t have can buy even 60 UC from Shop
  3. Then click on shop and select 60 UC send option card, buy it for 60 Uc
  4. Then select the friend and send the UC.
  5. This will automatically send 60 UC to your friend

How to Request Royale Pass from Your Friend

Many people want to request a Royale pass from their friends you can also do so, but the end depends on your friend whether he buy you a royale pass or not.

  1. First, open the game and click on Upgrade Pass
  2. On Royale pass, Click on the “Send Request” option next to the buy option
  3. Click on “Mail” option at the bottom right of the lobby screen in the game
  4. Check the “Request” menu at the Gift Center
  5. Then click on the View button and you’ll see all your friends, select your friend who you know will send your Royale Pass
  6. Click on “Give” Option also read all the important information before sending it.

Make sure whoever you’re requesting is your friends for more than 24 hours having character level up to level 3 and Synergy over 20 and this is only available for the first week of the beginning of the season.


I hope all your doubts regarding how to send UC in PUBG Mobile or BGMI is cleared by now. If you still have any questions feel free to ask via the contact section or comment down below. If you have any other method that is worth checking comment down below we’ll post it here only.

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