Best BGMI streaming Apps – How to Stream BGMI using Mobile

Best BGMI streaming Apps – How to Stream BGMI using Mobile

BGMI is not just played by thousands of people all over India but it’s also been watched by thousands of people on youtube, Facebook and other platforms. You could be either one of these, you could either watch BGMI or you could be even one of those streamers who stream BGMI. Many people ask how they can stream BGMI when they have an Android device in hand.

Today, I am gonna give you some of the best android streaming apps which you can use if you want to stream game online. There are many ways you can stream BGMI, the best prefered way is on PC but if you’re good at playing on android then you should go with Android streaming only.

Best BGMI Streaming Apps

#1. Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade bgmi

Omlet Arcade is probably the best Free Android streaming application, not just for BMGI but for almost all other different games which are quite popular in India. Omlet Arcade is best for streaming games like Minecraft multiplayer, it includes many features which you will definitely gonna need while streaming.

You can directly stream to any social media platform whether it’s Youtube or Facebook. Omlet Arcade also offers many different tournaments which you can participate in, this is something you’re gonna like in this application.

#2. Youtube Gaming

Youtube Gaming is built for the youtube platform only if you’re planning to stream only on youtube then Youtube Gaming is best option. There used to be its application before but now you can access youtube gaming from youtube itself, you don’t need to download the youtube gaming application.

Since it’s on youtube you don’t have to worry about anything like connection while streaming or features that you need when you’re streaming. You will get live chat roo along with youtube gaming, donation button, streaming settings according to your internet connection.

#3. Nimo TV

Nimo TV for streaming bgmi

I am sure you must have heard the name of Nimo TV, and no doubt it’s one of the best BGMI streaming apps available right now. In fact many streamers who play in their Mobile phone use Nimo Tv to stream BGMI. Some of the features of Nimo TV is paid, so, You might have to pay some amount as well in order to get some premium features of Nimo TV.

Nimo TV also uses some HD interactive technology features, which is quite good for audiences to get some streamers in touch and gain access to exclusive E-sport tournaments and events.

There are many in-built features that can help you get your audience to interact with you, engage in conversation, and do some other activities. Especially for BGMI I think Nimo Tv is probably the best option you could live stream in youtube or any other platform. You can simply download Nimp Tv from the Google Play store, and in-game purchases can also be completed via google itself.

#4 Nexplay

Nexplay is another popular streaming platform that you can download if you don’t want to use any of the above 4 platforms. What I liked the most about Nexplay is that you can Livestream with one tap only, which mean you don’t have to worry about all the setup and other things.

You can also stream any PC game with Nexplay if you want, within like few minutes you can easily stream any PC game you want and it won’t be any problem for you.

Not just BGMI but you can also play many other games like Rules of Survival, Call of Duty Mobile, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Roblox, Summoner’s War, Free Fire, RTS titles, Hearthstone, Call of Duty mobile and many other games can be easily streamed via Nexplay.

Streamers will get ability to customize their profile with frames for a professional look, and social media platforms at the same time, you can also build your own audience and other features included in the list.

#5. Streamlabs

Streamlabs for streaming bgmi

Streamlab is another best Streaming app, it also has a desktop version of streamlabs, the android version is just like a desktop version. You can see recent events like someone donating or even subscribing to your channel, it’s also possible to interact with the audience.

Huge variety of customizable widgets like recent events, chatbox, tip jar, alert box, and many other things you can easily use in streamlabs.

And the best part is not just you can stream on youtube but also you can easily stream on other platforms like Twitch. It also supports an open front camera where all your reactions will be recorded and you can react on it while your audience is watching.

#6. Twitch

Coming to 7th best app which you can use to stream any game on twitch is twitch itself. You can use this app if you want to stream on twitch. Since BGMI is not quite popular on twitch I don’t think it would be nice idea to stream BGMI on twitch, but there are many other options to choose from. Fortnite, PUBG, Fifa 18, League of Legends, Roblox and many more other games.

As I am talking about Twitch one thing is for sure that it won’t have any crashes or any lag while you’re streaming unless you have a poor internet connection. There are some features which you need to buy in order to get the benefit of but most features that one streamer need is completely free.

It doesn’t take much time to even start your stream, within like few seconds you can easily be online and stream on twitch. I think most Xbox games are quite popular in Twitch, if you play Xbox games like minecraft, Roblox then only it would be beneficial for you.

#7. Facebook gaming

Well, another good option could be Facebook gaming, which is another great option if you want to stream on Facebook. Facebook gaming is great option to live stream your gaming experience on Facebook, It’s easy but games like BGMI or other heavy games need to have some settings before you start streaming them. Anyway, if you want to upload video directly then you can always do that without any issue.

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