How to Find & Kill More Bots in BattleGrounds Mobile

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

BGMI Battlegrounds Mobile is becoming more and more competitive when it comes to judging how well a player plays the best way is by KD. KD is the killing ratio of a person that signifies that how many times a player average finishes in a match. No Matter if you’re in Crown or Ace, it doesn’t matter your RP is 90 or 10, neither matters the Level. But KD itself is not achieved only by finishing real enemies, I’ve seen many pros hungery for bots to maintain KDs of 3, 4 and even 5.

KD 5 Pros tend to kill more bots than KD 3 and 4. And It’s has been observed that you won’t be able to cross more than 4 KD without killing few bots in a match. But bots don’t just come up to yourself, you have to spot them and finish them before somebody else finishes for your squad.

Today, we’re gonna discuss how you can finish more Bots and spot them easily in the match.

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Methods to find bots more easily and finish

Jump at Last

If you’re really eager to finish bots then the best suggestion would be to Jump at last. Believe me, if you jump at last you’ll find at least 3-5 finish at the beginning of the game only. You probably already know that people who are offline will automatically jump, at last.

You’ll have the advantage of finishing them first, then it has been observed that Bots comes to those who aren’t actually near other people, so, since there won’t be any near your, you’ll find at least 2 Bots there maybe 3 also, some time has happened like 4 and more.

Land on HotDrops

It has been observed that many More Bots come to Hot drop areas such as Pochinki, georgopol, and rozhok. At the beginning of the game, you’ll find more Bots in these locations than the rest. But yes, on the same hand there will be more real players to finish also, you have to fight them both.

Cover-More Spot

To Find more Boths you need to cover more Bots also, the best way is to have a sniper with good range scope and be on higher locations like mountains of buildings top. This will help you cover more distance and whenever you see one Bot you can simply shoot it from the same place. You don’t have to run to them in order to finish them.

Hae at Least One Player of the Lower League?

There are very less chances that you’ll find Bots if all the members in your squad are higher than diamond. But even if you have one member of Gold chances are more than game will introduce few bots as you’ll be matched with similar players and squads.

Try to be alone, Bots will come automatically

Did you know that gamers to not feel boring they have trained bots to go to those whosever is not having many finishes or not around other enemies, so, they can finish Bot and see some interest in the game? I have literally tried and it was working, you just have to be in a remote place or somewhere alone where no one could find you and there you’ll see Bots coming to you automatically.

Perhaps many people have told you this method already but I don’t recommend this method. There’s no point in getting Bot finishes and increase KD, there’s no fun in change the server to Europe or any other when you barely gonna find any other real player but full of Bots.

I always recommend try to stay out of these ways where you’re completely going offside of what the real game and its meaning stands for. You’re playing game for fun not to show off someone, so there’s no point in increasing KD by changing the server and finishing Bot there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Place has More Bots?

Well, There’s been no particular place to find more bots but some professionals claims that places where there’s higher activity, game just spawn more bots there, like pochinki, Rohzok and georgopol. And they won’t be in the center you have to go around mostly in the corners to find Bot.

When does bot come more?

In the beginning of the game there are more bots than the rest of the game, and then as time passes the number of Bots reduces, so, if you want to kill more bots then starting few minutes is essential for that.

Can Bot Kill Player?

Very unlikely, usually Bots act as noob, they can’t even fire you unless you’re in range. But if you have a higher league then there are chances that bots have been upgraded but still getting killed by them is highly unlikely.

How can you tell it’s a Bot?

There are several characteristics of bots, the first comes with apparel, they usually have normal clothes like noobs and the one gets at the start of the game. The other way is they don’t fire you until they are in range, like 50 m. They will try to prone or run in a different direction when you try to fire them. The best way is their shooting style, even if they have AR they fire it like Single Fire Gun. They don’t have squad or teammates (most cases), they don’t pickup any item however they can revolve around the crate but won’t pick anything from it.

Do Bots have Loot?

Yes, Most Bots have Guns and healing material that will be definitely come handy later. Though they don’t have good Guns but sometimes they can also provide Guns like DP or M4.


To be honest, the nature of Bots is random, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find Bot on one location or not, there could be chances that sometimes you won’t even have one Bot in the whole game and sometimes you could get more than 5 Bots at particular location in one time. So, it’s completely random and depends upon luck, but practicing the above methods definitely gonna help you.


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