How to Master Close Range Fight in BattleGrounds Mobile

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

Many people have this doubt of mastering shooting in BGMI Mobile. Shooting consist of mastering majorly 3 types of combats, Close range, Medium range and Sniping. So, we thought of starting complete series of shooting guides where you’ll be given knowledge on how to master all 3 shooting ranges in BGMI.

Today, we’ll start with Close range fights, how you can win close-range fights every time. Plus most of the times and especially in the beginning of the match you have to fight in close range only, and later you need sniping and medium range.

So, Close Fights are most essential in the game and also if you plan to win TDM every time then also Close fights are something you need to master.

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BattleGrounds Mobile Close Combat Tips

1. Shooting on Head

There have been times when I thought I could finish the enemy first shooting at anywhere on my body, I thought Gun matters more than the headshot. But No, I come to know it doesn’t matter which Gun you have or how much jiggle you do if you even get one shot at your head by the enemy then you’ll gonna get yourself finished right away in BattleGrounds Mobile.

We all know that Headshots damage is most in the game, so, your first priority in the game would be to aim for Head and practice it in training. You can go to the training room and practice this once you do enough practice then you can go for TDM and practice it and last prove yourself in classic matches.

2. Crosshair Position Change

Crosshair Position Change

What most people do is try to master close-range fights by mastering the controls, jiggle, gun and more. But if you use your brain while having close range it would give you far better results. Whenever you see enemy and they see yourself the first thing you do is Fire directly or they fire you directly, and when that happens you wanna take cover.

The enemy knows your position that’s the biggest disadvantage you’ll have, all you need to do is change the position ASAP of enemies firing, you don’t have to flank all the way to other side this will lose you, enemy, just change the position so that enemy could not know where exactly you are and then fire.

The best way to practice this is playing payload or TDM warehouses, don’t take fights without thinking like a pro, imagine you really in that situation, haha, just kidding.

3. Selecting Weapons

Now, comes to the interesting part which everybody wants to know. So, it complete depends upon your choice and how well you control recoil and which Gun you want that works as overall best. For Close range fight you don’t want to use SMGs or Snipers, the best option would be high Damage guns Like AKM, or M416 would be best. If you’re good at one-shot finish then pick shotguns. Not just Weapons selection matters but also settings also, so, here’s a complete guide for best battlegrounds settings.

And if recoil control is your major issue then choose Guns like Beryl or Scar-L that would be better for you. But still above 2 factors are quite more important than just a Gun.

4. Lay Down Suddenly (Drop Shot)

drop shot in pubg

I personally use it to wipe squad alone, believe me, it works like anything. All you need to do is aim for enemies head and after that with firing, you must lay down go to a prone position and keep on firing.

Yes, it is bit of remembering work but you don’t have to do it always, whenever you figure out that enemies are way difficult to finish or coins are not at your side, this trick could save you at the last moment.

But you need lot of practice for Drop Shot because timing matters a lot in this shot, wrong timing could get you finished as you need to aim harder and the enemy may take some time to aim at you but once it does all shots are gonna be direct to head. So, practice it in TDMs.

5. Jiggle

It’s probably the most popular and most difficult trick to learn but most effective also. A Successful Jiggle and aim head will finish the enemy without even losing you any blood. This is what pros do. Anyway, you have to practice it to learn properly but tips are to reduce the size of the movement button or joystick, always move it left and right when you fire. And all that when you’re aiming still at the enemy without losing any shot, this is why it’s the most difficult skill to learn, here are some tips to master Jiggle.

6. Effectively using TPP

TPP is given by BGMI Mobile could be your biggest advantage. You must use it effectively and efficiently but most importantly you must use it. To get the most out of TPP you can click on the Peek button that will increase the area of the view.

TPP is best when the enemy knows your position and you can take advantage of that, you just need to way hide the other side of the cover, and when they reach close enough fire, fire and fire.

7. Pre Fire the Enemy

It worked the hell every time for me. Especially when the enemy is in the building like sitting next to stairs and you need to rush knowing the position of the enemy. That time you must use pre-fire it will definitely gonna work most time. All you need to do is start firing before you even see your enemy, this will give the advantage of the first fire, will confuse the enemy.

But you must also have good ammo before you do pre-fire which means Guns like M249 or Guns with extended mag give an advantage. Make sure to change gun rather than reload when you’re pre-firing or even taking a close-range fight.

8. Crouch and Fire

I used to think that how can crouch would make any difference but later I come to know that crouch position reduces the damage and area that helps you get fewer shots in the same time vs person standing. It also increases the chance of missing shots by enemies and aims for the head by an enemy. From Now, I recommend remembering to crouch when you see an enemy, it heps a lot.

9. Jump and Fire

Jumping and firing make a major difference when it comes to finishing the enemies in a rush position. Jimping will make it almost impossible to aim at your head but still, it will increase the chance of aiming at your body. The perfect way to Jump and Fire is when you can aim and shoot enemies head easily. You also need to master this trick by practicing only.


These were the 9 tips to master the close-range fight if you have any confusion then you can comment down below. But these tips alone won’t gonna make you Master of close range, you need to practice them and when to use which is completely on you, so make sure you do it in the right way.

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