How to Master TDM Warehouse in PUBG Mobile

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (3 months ago)

TDM Warehouse is probably the most popular map in PUBG Mobile, Since the launch of this map, the number of matches playing this map has significantly increased than of Erangle or even livik. There are many reasons why one would like to play TDM Warehouse but the most prominent reasons are:

  • To practice shooting and close fight
  • Learn more about placement and TPP
  • To play multiple times without getting into the lobby
  • And for Fun also

But TDM Warehouse on the same hand is not easy to play people still mastering the TDM warehouses are far better than the normal one. You need to practice many things to master TDM warehouses such as jiggle, TPP, close fight and many things. This is why today, we’re gonna discuss how you can master the TDM Warehouse.

How to Master TDM Warehouse easily

There are some tips that I am gonna recommend but everyone has their own style, so, make sure you don’t change your style for any particular tip.

Practice Practice Practice

practice tdm to win

Okay, I am not gonna confuse you but the first things you need to do is practice. However, what to practice is what I am gonna tell you below. But the only way is you have to practice the skills as much as you can. I recommend having some training sessions shooting people at their heads at a training session. They don’t attract back so, the training would be easy for you.

Once you have many training sessions then you can practice for TDM warehouse sessions, but the TDM Warehouse itself is a practice so suggest play as many Training matches as you can.


jiggle in bgmi

The most important thing that matters in TDM Warehouse, since it’s a close-range fight, is jiggle. You have to jiggle as much as you can while in TDM Warehouse. This will not only distract enemy to aim at your head but also help you to Aim your enemy easily. I have personally seen that many people who have mastered TDM are good at jiggle.

This jiggle will not only save you at TDM Warehouse but also on other maps like Livik or Erangel, whenever you have to take a close fight the jiggle will help you do that in all the maps. Here are some tips that you can master Close Range in BGMI.


Take the most out of TPP, believe me, TPP in TDM is the most important skill that you may need to learn. Because TPP is something that will help you finish multiple enemies at one streak. Because No matter how good you’re at fighting or jiggle, you’ll never be able to finish multiple enemies at same time.

So, that is how it works, you finish one enemy take cover, take TPP and finish another, you finish another then again take TPP and finish another one. This will help you take the first few fires and shock the enemy by appearing quickly in front of him.

Know their Position

sniping in pubg mobile

Knowing your enemy’s position is another factor that can help you get more than 10 finishs per match easily. In fact, I have seen some medium-skilled players who are not good at jiggle or shooting but still manage to get enough finishs just because they know where their enemies are coming from.

Don’t rush soon, wait and hide make sure you know where your enemies are coming from, when you do know their position take TPP or even shoot behind their back. Don’t take this at your pride, you have to do everything you could to finish the enemy.

Pick Second Weapon

With one Weapon rather than loading every time you can just pick another weapon with 2 weapons, it’s easy to switch to another weapon whenever you get time you can easily reload. Switching another weapon may be little confusing for some people so if you want to let it the way it is you can have one weapon also.

Save Yourself

save yourself bgmi

Well, rather than finishing an enemy it’s also an important job to save yourself. You don’t want to give the enemy more finishes the more they get finishes higher the chances you’ll lose, so, try to save yourself first. Make sure that you finish more than you get finished. I recommend taking one position from where you can see your enemies easily and try to stay there and finish from there only.

Take higher Positions and Stay

When you know that your Squad is good enough to manage finishes your job becomes more important you have saved yourself for finishes. The best way is to stay in higher positions this way you can cover more distance can give cover to your team members and it will help your squad will get more finishes easily. Check some Snipping tips that you follow when you’re in a higher position.


So, these were some tips that you can follow while you’re in TDM Warehouse to get more finishes and master TDM warehouse. With these tips, you can also win TDM matches by one vs 4 well. But Most important of all is practice more matches.

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