Best Places to Land in BGMI according to Loot, Risk

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PUBG Mobile begins on the plane while you’re in plane you’ll be able to see the direction of the plane. Meanwhile, you have to decide where should you land in the game, so, your landing location will decide how your first few minutes are gonna be and your first few minutes will decide how your whole game will go, and will you even survive in those few minutes.

So, Today, I am gonna mention some top 10 Best locations in Erangle Map where you could land when you jump off the place, and I will also mention things like where you could find the most look, where has more Risk, and where you could get more finishes. Accordingly, you may decide which location would be best for you.

Best Locations/Places to Land in BattleGrounds Mobile

Note: The list may seem from 1st to 10th but it doesn’t mean 1st one is perfect and the last one is the least good, you may have to figure out yourself which one suits you the most.

Since Erangle is the most played bigger area classic Map, I will talk about that only.

1. School or Rozhok or Apartments

rozhok in pubg mobile

Risk – High
Loot – Very High
Finishes– Very High
Fun – Very High

You might be expecting Pochinki or Georgopol but actually, it’s school and near places where you could get more finishes and loot and fun but there’s some amount of Risk in here.

So, we all know all these 3 places are near to other with school in middle. Land on school get enough loot and you’ll definitely gonna find enemies in Rozhok or Apartments. But you may have to finish enemies that will land in school along with you. What you can do is Land in apartments avoid them or Rozhok but you’ll find enemies there too.

All these areas have enough loot to survive at last and will provide you bots also for finishes.

2. Pochinki

Risk – Very High
Loot – High
Finishes– Very High
Fun – High

Pochinki is hotdrop location for more of the pros in the game and when you’ll land in pachinko you’ll hear gunshots, enemies running back and forth around you and a lot of guns and supplies inside the buildings.

That makes it very risky not to forget you’ll get kills and good loot most of the time. Speaking about the fun I hate getting Finished by someone from the back that’s why it’s not that good in those terms.

3. Georgopol

Risk – High
Loot – Very High
Finishes – High
Fun – High

Georgopol is another major hotdrop location in PUBG Mobile, It’s best if you want quick loot and quick enemies to finish. But locations like higher towers and inside the container are some places where the enemy takes advantage of hiding.

Whenever you come near them they shoot you. Plus you won’t find many bots there running around you, you might have to go to Georgopol city for such.

4. Military Base

Risk – Very High
Loot – High
Finishes– High
Fun – Very High

If you plan to land in Military Base, it very unlikely you will survive it. Whenever a plane goes from a Military base most pros prefer to land there because of its rich supplies in loot, its fun locations like c building, tower, and police stations. You’ll enjoy Military Station if you have the skills to survive there.

You must want to learn about some close-range fight tips if you’re planning to land in a military base.

5. Novorepnoye


Risk – Moderate
Loot – Very High
Finishes – Moderate
Fun – High

The thing I like most about Novorepnoye is most of the time when I got flare gun it was from Novorepnoye only. The 2nd most popular place where you’ll find Flare gun for sure after Mylta Power. Not just Flare it’s also rich in Guns and consumables, but it’s also risky not because of many other enemy lands here, but because of bridge camping.

6. Mylta Power

Risk – Moderate to High
Loot – Moderate (Flare Gun Rich)
Kills – Low
Fun – High

Mylta Power may not seem quite a favorable location but if you had experienced then you would know that Malta Power is the best place to find Flare Gun, there’s a factory next to the road and mylta power, you can find flare gun from any of these locations. Not to mention there could be a high risk if the plane path is close to Mylta Power, there may be more people land in a small location cause higher risk.

7. Mylta

Risk – Low
Loot – Moderate to High
Finishes– Very Low
Fun – Moderate

Mylta is one of my favorite locations whenever I intend to block a bridge, it’s really fun thing to do, land on Mylta when you know there’s gonna be people landing on Novo and Military base then collect enough loot, 2 Cars and block the bridge. You will definitely gonna get some Finishes from the bridge block plus it’s a cool thing to do. If you get lucky you could find 2-4 Bots running around.

8. Prismok

Risk – Very Low
Loot – Moderate (Find Glider)
Finishes– Very Low
Fun – Low

Prismoke is best location if you want to survive till last plus you want to find Motor Glider in the Map. Motor Gliders are mostly found in the same road that goes between quarry, Prismoke and Ferry Pier. You won’t find any enemy unless you have luck and most enemies that land here is noob or want to survive till last.

9. Yasnaya Polyana

Risk – Low
Loot – High to Moderate
Finishes– Low
Fun – Very Low

I don’t see any reason to land here and the fact is I barely landed much here. What you can expect here is low Finishes, just few bots, and barely any squad or single-player, fun part is also very low as when your bag gets full it becomes hard to find enemies here or near it.

10. Spawn Island

spawn island pubg mobile

Risk – Very Low
Loot – Low to Moderate (Flare Gun)
Finishes– Very Low
Fun – Very Low to Very High (Depends)

Spawn Island is the Island where everybody stays for 1 minute before the match start. I occasionally go to spawn Island just for fun and many times I found flare gun inside the cave of spawn Island.

However, you won’t find any other player, hardly any bot, not even enough loot for all the squad members but just in the sake of own fun that too depends upon pers, I think one must try and give a visit to spawn Island once in a while. And hey you need to go via boat and come back via bot before the blue zone hits. This land is the first land that hit by the blue zone, you’ll have very limited time.


This was very much of all the lands in the game plus which one is best for you, but in the end what matters is your own choice where you were going from the start, which location you are good at and where your luck goes with you apart from the factors like Risk and all.

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