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With the launch of PUBG in India, it not just revolutionized the gaming industry in India but also opened the doors to earn money through your own talent. People now will not just play Battlegrounds Mobile for entertainment purposes but also to earn money through it.

However, there are several ways one can earn money through PUBG Mobile, they can participate in esport competitions, or be a Youtuber to stream their skills or many other ways. But the best and easiest way to earn money through PUBG skills is by playing paid matches also called tournament apps.

Tournament apps have simple rules, you give some money say Rs. 10 to participate, and you win money like Rs, 300 if you come first and 200 for second and 100 for 3rd. Also, another best thing is you get few bucks for finishes also like Rs. 5 for one finish. They take money from all 100 members this will give them a total of Rs. 1,000 for rewards. But choosing the trusted and the high rewarding app is a major part.

That is why we are here with the top Best PUBG Mobile Tournament apps that you can register on and play games.

Best PUBG Mobile Tournament Apps in India

Note: Since Google doesn’t support spending money like this, so, you won’t get many of these applications on Google Playstore. You need to visit their official site to download the app, I’ll provide a link to that also.

#1. Playerzon

Playerzon is my personal favorite and India’s most trusted best Tournament application. It also conducts tournaments for several other games like Free Fire and Call of Duty but PUBG is the game it mainly focuses on only. Already more than 100k people have downloaded this game, even I have tried it many times this app works amazingly.

You’ll get different matches for all day, like solo vs solo, duo vs duo, or other map matches also. But mostly you’ll find 2 to 3 squad matches per day. You can add money into the app first from any source, Paytm, google pay or any UPI even card works, payment will by 3rd party trusted platform so, no need to worry about that.

The cost of each match varies, but it will be near Rs. 20 to 50 only for one player or one squad depending upon the match you play. And winning prices are also reasonable with rs. 10 per finish in most matches.

When you need to withdraw the money you can directly withdraw in Paytm balance easily. But since it’s a popular PUBG Tournament application you’ll gonna face competition, as well as slots, get filled up quickly. Make sure you register for any game before at least 4 hours of the game start.

Apart from PUBG Tournaments, the app also has conducted free fire, ludo king, and COD mobile tournaments, if you’re master any of these games, you can register on them.

#2. GamingMonk

Gamingmonk is among one those who launched the idea of esports available for all players. There is an endless number of tournaments for different games are available, from Fifa 18 to Ludo king, 8 ball pool to Clash Royale, and many other games but my favorite is PUBG Mobile. You will have to add balance in-app just like the Playerzon plus winning money can also be transferred easily to Paytm balance.

What I liked about this app is the bigger prices, yes, it has bigger prices events also where the cost of one match is like Rs. 500 and you could earn upto Rs. 10,000 for one match if you come first. But I don’t recommend you to play that kind of match where the amount is way too much.

Gaming Monk is a trusted application has already users in thousands and each time you play the game on it, you’ll get Livestream also, so, in case you will do good every time commenters are gonna remember you.

#3. Pixlona

Pixlona is another best platform to play PUBG Mobile as an esports tournament. You can add money into pixlona wallet and then you can participate in different matches. Put your team in the match, enter the names of your team members and win the money.

Entry fees for most matches will be like Rs. 25, I have seen winning price is less in this application whereas the finishing price is more than Rs. 10, in most cases it’s Rs. 15 per finish. Even if you manage to finish 4 players, you’ll easily get Rs. 100 and if it’s chicken dinner then Rs. 200 easily.

Room Id will be shared immediately before 10 minutes of the match, and money is also transferred within 4 hours of the end of the match. Trust-worthy app worth downloading if you’re looking for any PUBG Mobile Tournament app.

#4. GamersZon

Gamerszon is a brand new website that has many different features but more importantly, what I like the most is it’s new and it has a low user base of pro players. For those who want an application with about low to medium competition, Gamerszon is the best option.

Just like any other app, you need to put some balance in your wallet and all the winning money can easily be transferred via any UPI or Wallet even directly to the bank.

#5. Gamerspocket

Last but not least, Gamerpocket is another wonderful app to earn money by playing PUBG Mobile. It is a trusted application with 10,000 active userbases in India. Specially built for PUBG, most matches are gonna be of PUBG. You will see many different active matches, and details of all the matches is shown clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it trustworthy to play and invest in these apps?

Yes, if you’re sure about your game and you know that you can earn money by spending a few bucks, it’s definitely worth it. As part of a fraud or something, all the above 5 apps have been working fine for more than 1 year now.

Do these apps offer to refer & earn features?

All the above apps offer to refer & earn feature that means you refer your friend and app when they spend their first 10 rupees you’ll get 10 rupees right away.

How can you enter the matches?

When you registered and paid the entry fees you need to enter the name of players who are gonna play with you and before 15 minutes of the match start you’ll get a notification and before 10 minutes of the match, you’ll get room id and password share it with your friends.

Can my other friends who haven’t registered can play a match?

Sometimes players share room id and password to groups or something, however, spectators carefully check if someone without a name in the list is present in the room, if yes, they kick. And even if they somehow get in the match, they will not get any money for finish or win.


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