8 Tips to Master Sniping in BattleGrounds Mobile

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Sniping in Battlegrounds Mobile or BattleGrounds Mobile is probably the most difficult thing to do. Many people want to know how they can master Sniping because if you master sniping your survival time and finish ratio will substantially increase and you’ll be the next step ahead to become a pro in the game.

Today, I will give you detailed tips and tricks to master sniping, it took me very long to learn all these tricks from experience. Just stick around with me and check out these tricks.

6 Tips to Master Sniping in BattleGrounds Mobile

1. Practice Practice and Practice

The biggest and most important tip to learn to snipe is practice. It doesn’t matter you have AWM with 8x unless you can’t quickly learn the enemy position, spot it and shoot on the head, all of these things are worthless.

So, I strongly recommend you to go to the training room or sniper training arcade match whichever you prefer as these 2 matches are best to learn to snipe.

90% of your sniping skill will depend upon how much you practice, in fact when I thought of learning and mastering sniping I used to spend 2 hours place just arcade mode.

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2. Spotting Enemies

Now, moving to the next important thing when you have a sniper, it’s spotting the Enemy. Timing matters in long-range fights if you spot the enemy first then you have already win half of the fight, so, make proper use of snipers, attach bigger scope like 4x to 8x, best if 8x and check all around.

3. Position yourself

When you have spotted the enemy you simply shouldn’t fire right away, take cover call your squad and check all other squad members of the enemy. Try to take a higher distance as it will give you the opportunity to cover yourself and take more distance easily.

Remember long-range fights are usually of long periods, so make sure you keep an eye on the blue zone and take your position accordingly, it’s best if the blue zone is shrinking and you’re in the zone while enemies are outside.

4. Bullet Drop and Player Moving

bullet drop explaining pubg mobile

You might have already observed that whenever you fire a bullet from any snipper it gradually drops. The longer the distance more it’s gonna drop, so, this is something you’ll learn while in training only.

Plus, if players are running then you must hit slightly in front of them rather than an exact position of the enemy, if they are in a car then it must be more from the front. This is why sniping is a kind of a difficult skill to learn your judgment and estimation matters here.

5. Attachments Explaining

attachment explaining pubg

Snipers would completely useless if it has red dot or even 3x, you must at least should have 4x or best if 8x. Other attachments are cheek pad which will help you to reduce the recoil and control of gun becomes easy, Suppressors will reduce the bullet fire sound and echo sound, flash header, best if you prone or don’t want to reveal your position hiding the fire flash from your gun, Extended quickdraw mag, more the Ammos quick to reload. Check here if you want to know the best settings for PUBG Mobile that you can do right now.

6. Sensitivity

Well, if you’re learning Sniping then it’s better not to touch this part, but if have already learned a lot but still not satisfied with your sniping then change the 8x, 6x and 4x scope sensitivity insensitivity option in the game. But in the case of a snipper make sure don’t change more than 2-4%.

7. Peek and take cover

peek and take cover

This is something where most people get finished, you have to take cover plus peek to fire. But if the enemy has already set peek on you never peek from the same position.

But if the enemy has taken cover and you know his position then set peek on him the moment he shows up his head shoot. That’s where he knocked out. But you also have to take cover if he is quicker than you, so, it’s a game of timing.

8. Rush after knocking out

So, this is something that completely depends upon you, whether you want to rush, or if you have enough players to rush. For example, there are 3 players 100 meters away in the building and you’re 2 or even 3 players of your squad successfully knocked out 2 of them then it’s better to rush in the car. You have an advantage but it’s completely on you when you want to rush or not.

How to find Snipers and 8x Scope

We all know that snipers are rare in the game but there are some places where you could find snipers easily in the game, here are 4 different places you’ll definitely gonna get at least one snipper:

Military Base – As the name signifies this region will definitely have a sniper in it, there are many different locations to find snipers but it’s also very hard to survive here as it’s a major hot-drop area to land for pros. You can look at C buildings, Police stations, or towers, you’ll get at least one sniper for sure.

Georgopol – Georgopol is the location where I think most people prefer to land but it’s also rich in snipers, you can also go to georgopol city or containers will give you one sniper for sure.

Novorepnoye – Whenever I have landed Novo, most of the time I or any of my squad members spotted on snipper.

Shooting Range – Well, you won’t find much here but kar98k or sniper-like SKS you’ll gonna find here for sure.

Note: Make sure you don’t pick the sniper right away when you land, you must pick close-range weapons like shotguns or AR or even SMGs, as many other people might have landed there and you need to finish them and snipper will not help you in such case.

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