Top 7 Places in Battlegrounds Mobile to Find Flare Gun

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Whosoever has looted AirDrop has always advantage towards the one who hasn’t. AirDrop gives you top guns like AWM that finish in one shot even if a person has to wear a level 3 helmet. But looting Airdrop isn’t an easy job, when airdrop comes it shows to all the people who are around 1000 meters near it, so, you gonna have to first or fight for it.

Looting Airdrop becomes far much easier when you can call it yourself whenever you want. This can be done via flare gun. There are many benefits of using flare gun here are a few:

  • You can Call Airdrop whenever you want wherever you want.
  • You can also call for a BRDM-2 Airdrop Tank.
  • It can also be used as bait
  • Flare gun Airdrop supplies are generally more than normal Airdrop

Apart from these benefits, it’s really fun to use Flare Gun. But the question is where to find Flare Gun, this is what we’re gonna discuss today, the top best places by experience and public review where does Flare Guns found the most.

Top 9 Places to Find Flare Gun in Erangel

Note: Since the short time of Livik there’s no point in finding a flare gun on that map. Erangel is the most played map so, we’re gonna talk about Erangel only.

1. Mylta Power & Factory

Whenever I want to have a flare gun in the game the first place I land is Mylta Power and Factory. Most time I got Flare Gun from this place only plus its kind of easy to fight here. There is not much player comes here.

There are different warehouses in Mylta Power check all of them especially in corners, then you can go to the center’s biggest warehouse in it, there are chances you could find it there. If you completely explored Mylta Power but still didn’t found then there a high chance you could find one in Factory next to the road.

But if the Place path is right top of mylta power then more enemies are gonna come there, so you need to keep a check on them also. You want to find loot here is best places to get the most loot in the Erangel Map.

2. Novorepnoye


Whenever my squad has found 2 or 3 Flare Guns at one place it is Novo only. Novorepnoye is quite rich in Flare Guns but it’s also Hot drop location so, you need to be careful and spot it before your enemy does. If not Flare gun you’ll always have a chance to find enough loot to survive till last and finish enemies in the game. In my opinion, one way or another landing in Novo is worth it.

Majorly Flare Guns are found on the top of Containers or inside containers, if not then buildings next to containers could be the best chance. If you’re lucky then there are chances you’re gonna get more than 2 flare guns there only.

3. Georgopol

Georgopol is another hotpot for Flare guns, just like Novo you can get more than 2 flare guns there. On the other hand, it’s a major hot-drop location where pros land, so surviving there is gonna be a little difficult if you land there.

Flare guns can be found on the top of containers or inside them, sometimes in the warehouses also. If it’s your bad luck, then explore the city a little bit.

4. Military Base

Well, I wouldn’t recommend you to land here but if you think you will manage the enemies that land here then it could be a gem for you. You’ll at least find one flare gun in most of your matches but the chances of picking it by someone else or you getting finished is much higher in Battlegrounds Mobile BGMI.

5. Shelter

shelter in pubg mobile

To be honest, I haven’t many times went to shelter just for Flare Gun but many of my friends have personally gotten flare gun many times plus I have also few times spotted flare gun from there. But the main reason I don’t go there is that it doesn’t get you enough loot, so, I feel like it’s not worth going just for the flare gun.

There’s no certain place there to find flare gun you’ll have to keep on moving all the shelter from inside.

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6. Spawn Island

spawn island pubg mobile

It’s kind of funny when to go spawn Island just for Flare gun. Well, I think 3 out of 5 times you go to spawn Island you’ll get Flare gun but I don’t recommend you to go to spawn Island just for flare gun as it doesn’t even have much loot there for the squad.

7. Primorsk

Another location I would recommend you to choose is Primorsk, however, there won’t be enough players to fight but in order to get enough loot and a chance of flare gun, you can make a visit. Another great thing about this place is perhaps you could find a motor glider from there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get more than 1 flare gun?

Yes, there have been times that one squad sometimes has gotten more than 3 flare guns. I personally few times found 4 flare guns with my squad members.

How many flare guns are there in the map?

There’s no official data by officials on how many flare guns are in one match, but there have been some cases when people found 9 flare guns in the match. However, a few of them were already fired.

Are flare guns randomly located?

PUBG officials say that flare guns are randomly located but to be honest, mostly flare guns are located in port areas.

Does Sanhok has flare guns?

Yes, sanhok has a flare gun but I don’t think it’s worth using a flare gun in sanhok since time is less and the area is small.

Does livik has flare guns?

Yes, but again livik is even smaller than sanhok, so, if you ever found a flare gun I think you must throw it away or use it as bait.

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