M416 vs AUG, AKM vs Groza, UZI vs Vector Popular Guns Comparison

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

Weapons in BGMI is probably the most interesting topic that everyone would love to talk about, as there are plenty of weapons to choose from it becomes quite difficult to choose which one you should pick, which one is best at a particular situation and all, however, all these doubts have been cleared in weapons choosing guide.

But the one major problem that everyone is confused about is a comparison between popular weapons, comparison between 2 popular guns has always been big confusion among everyone. Today, we’re going to discuss which weapons are better by comparing both weapons at the same situation, damage, and recoil.

You can see which works best for you, accordingly decide the gun you should keep while playing the game.

AKM vs Groza

akm vs groza

One of the Most popular gun comparisons that people ask for is AKM vs Groza. Both Guns are known for their damage, in fact, highest damage Assualt rifles in the game. While AKM can easily be found, Groza is only available in Airdrop.

If you have to choose from both, I would recommend going with AKM, Yes, some of you might say that Groza is a premium gun found only in Airdrop but there’s no point in having higher damage gun if you can’t get a proper shot.

That means even if Groza has slightly higher damage but that doesn’t mean it will offer better performance, AKM has low damage but a higher fire rate plus recoil is almost the same with both guns but some people face recoil issues with Groza. Moreover, AKM is widely available, unlike Groza.

So, Most popular gun comparison doesn’t really have anything to compare.

M416 vs AUG

m416 vs AUG

Again this comparison is between Normal weapon vs Airdrop weapon, which one you would choose. Most people may choose Airdrop weapon AUG but again here’s a twist.

AUG might have little more damage but again its fire rate is less than the M416, plus it’s not widely available. This is why if you have to choose from both, I think you must go with M416. And recoil control could be a little problem for you if you use AUG whereas M416 recoil control is far better than AUG, you can easily control M416 even if you have 4x scope.

Vector vs UZI

vector vs uzi

Another popular comparison that everyone is confused about is which one has a better fire rate, vector or UZI also which one of these has more damage and finally which one would be good for you. Well, there’s no defined answer in this case. Because fire rate is something overvalued, there are 2 things that have to go relatively.

One is fire rate and another is bullet speed, so, in this comparison I would say UZI win, because it has good bullet speed, and similar fire rate to vector but best thing is it has good range, Yes, UZI can easily work as good medium-long range snipper, so it’s also good to have UZI if you want to work it as a sniper.

Also UZI has good recoil control than vector, it will be easy to control recoil if you have UZI than of vector.

But vector has little more damage and you can attach any level scope to vector whereas on UZI only red dot and holographic scope is only allowed. So, you can choose whichever you want but I personally like UZI more than vector but you’ll always have option.

M416 vs AKM

This is another most popular comparison, both of these guns are one of the most popular guns of the game, and which one to choose is another big issue and doubt that everybody has in their minds. While M416 has better recoil control and a good fire rate, on the other hand, AKM has higher damage and more capacity.

In this case, it completely depends upon the recoil control skill of the person, if you can control recoil better then it’s good to have AKM because it has higher damage but if you’re not good at recoil control then it’s better to go with M416. In fact, M416 is overall the best gun in the game, and most people who play BGMI like to choose M416.

AKM is best if you’re taking the close-range fights, here’s a detailed guide to close-range fights if you want to check that you can have look on that also.

DP-28 vs AKM

dp 28 vs akm

DP-28 is another very popular gun, its higher capacity of holding ammo plus higher damage and better recoil makes it another beast weapon. But the question is how it is in comparison to AKM which AKM too has higher damage, more capacity. The answer is if you’re good at both gun then the combo of both could make you a beast.

When DP-28 with 6x could get have long-range fights AKM with a red dot or holo will help you finish all the enemies in close range. So, in this case you should pick both rather than comparing both of them and finding which one is better and which not.

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Tommy or UMP

Other entry-level guns are widely available and easy to use. Both guys don’t have many attachments to add plus they don’t have good damage. Since they are widely available and their ammo is easily found one of them could become a good pick if you don’t have any other choice.

While Tommy has more ammo capacity but no higher-level scope to attach, UMP has less capacity but you could attach any ammo is the major difference in both of them. Damage is almost the same in both guns but bullet speed is faster in Tommy than of UMP, and you could also have more bullets in  Tommy, so, I would recommend Tommy a good choice unless you don’t need higher level scopes.

SKS or Mini 14

sks vs mini 14

When it comes to sniper I always say AWM is best and if not that go with m24 and if not then the final option is to go with Kar 98k. But you also have to have good knowledge of Sniping, that you can check here sniping tips. SKS and Mini 14 are snipers but they are not that good level snipers.

But still, if you have to choose from any of these then I would recommend that Mini 14 is a little better than SKS just because it has good recoil control. Since they don’t possess the ability to kill at one shot you need to shoot multiple times that need good recoil control. In the case of SKS, ofcourse has good damage but poor recoil control is something that you will not like.

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On the other hand, Mini 14 may not have good damage but you can shoot the enemy multiple times without having any serious issues.


These were some top most popular guns and their comparisons if you have any other gun which you’re confused about whether you should pick or not then comment down we’ll try to decide which one you should take.

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