PUBG Mobile All Error Codes & their Solution

PUBG Mobile All Error Codes & their Solution

Since after the number of active users of PUBG Mobile has increased the game started showing different kinds of errors every now and then. Sometimes it’s because of the game only but most times the reason is something wrong has been done by the user.

There are a variety of different errors caused by wifi, VPN, server, and more. Today, we’re gonna talk about these errors only and how you can fix them easily. Every error has a specific code that represents which type of error it is, so, we’ll identify the error by code and hot to fix it.

PUBG Mobile Error Codes and How to fix

Unknown Erro. Please Restart Your Device. error Code 556793879

This error usually happens because of firewall, old cache, internet or ad-blocker, and antivirus. The first thing you can try to resolve this issue is to restart your device, check if that fixes the Error. If not then try:


  • Clear the cache from settings of PUBG Mobile
  • Turnoff GFX Tool if you have one
  • Turn off Any Antivirus or Adblocker
  • If nothing works re-install the game that will fix it

Pubg error code 554762241

Error Code 554762241 happens because of Pool Internet Connection. So, make sure you’re using 4G Internet Connection, best if you’re using your own Wifi.


  • Don’t use Public Wifi Connection or don’t use 2g or 3g networks that also don’t work well. Don’t use the Mobile hotspot if shared by multiple devices.
  • Restart your Router or change the router
  • Clear the game cache and restart

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PUBG Mobile Error Code 554827782

If you see your DNS server didn’t match then you get a 554827782 error. When you try to update the game but couldn’t this error popup. Reasons could Adblocker, Internet connection, Antivirus or anything.


  • The first thing you could try is clear cache, uninstall any Antivirus or Adblocker.
  • Then try changing the Wifi Connection or Internet connection or use a hotspot.
  • If that doesn’t work then download and install UFO VPN or any other VPN. Open the game with VPN, update it using VPN, and after that, you can uninstall VPN.

Pubg Mobile Error code 154140716

error code 154140716

This error usually occurs because of Internet Connection or any firewall problems. So, if you’re playing the game in a country where the server is not quite active then you may get 154140716.

If you are using any other version of the game then you must go and change settings like Settings>Network>VPN>Check for VPN connection working properly. Or what you can do is install any app from playstore I recommend using VPN.

PUBG Mobile Error Code 554827783

The PUBG Mobile has a few bugs and eros for sure. The Error Code 554827783 means poor connection of your mobile device with the server. The reason could be you’re using VPN service in the country where PUBG Mobile isn’t much supported then you’re gonna face this issue.


You can either disconnect the connection for some time or switch to Airplane mode. Or What you can do is clear cache and turn off any VPN if you’re using. After that use any other VPN like or UFO VPN. If you want to know which VPN is best for PUBG Mobile then you can check here.

PUBG Mobile Error Code 554827799

This Error code usually occurs when the connection is unstable or poor. Most times it happens while Update Download failed. Make sure you have a stable connection. Let’s jump to solutions.


  • Change to the Wifi connections which is more stable.
  • Use Hotspot of another device that will give a stable connection.
  • Also, make sure if you have enough data connection to play game.
  • If none of that works then the final way is to reinstall the game again.

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PUBG Mobile Error Code 154140712

This is again an Internet Error. The main reason could be your Internet Connection.


  • Got to Settings>Network>APN> (use default)
  • If you have GFX turned on, you must turn it off as well.
  • Clear cache if something wrong with cache.
  • Re-install the game with another network.

PUBG Mobile Error Code 556793874

This Error Code usually occurs when update of the game stops. Sometimes when you try to update the game but after “preparing resources” the error shows up that says “Unknown error. Please restart your device and try again. Error code: 556793874”. It will show OK button so that will close the game.


  • You first need to turn off any Adblocker or Antivirus.
  • Download any VPN and turn on VPN also.
  • Clear Cache and open the game

The Error Code 70254639

error code 70254639

This error code usually happens because insecure connection, the only solution for this error is using a secure VPN. The best one is VPN that will help you automatically secure the connection.


  • Download and Install the VPN from Playstore
  • Enable VPN and open the game
  • Once you’re in the lobby then you can disable VPN and enjoy the game

Reinstall the Game

Many people have this doubt about how they can reinstall the game as for some countries the game is not available on Google Play Store.

  1. Download the PUBG Mobile from Official website, this will be apk.
  2. After downloading the game, install the on your Android device.
  3. Use any VPN, best VPN, after that enable vpn open game, update anything required, download maps and then disable VPN the game will work perfectly fine.

How to Clear Cache?

  • To Clear cache, you need to go to Settings
  • Then Application management
  • After that go to PUBG Mobile
  • Data and then clear cache only, don’t clear data it won’t help

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