PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong Redeem code

PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong Redeem code

PUBG Mobile is becoming more popular after their new season where they introduced the update named Godzilla and Kong. This update has gained huge popularity especially in India where recently the game was banned a few months before.

With a new update in Erangle map Godzilla is introduced and in sanhok Kong is introduced. In the livik map, you’ll see Mechagodzilla which is completely awesome and increased the fun of playing games to the next level.

But with this new update not only the fun part of the game has become twice but also includes many features like emotes, pets, skins and more. And you don’t have to buy any RP or something, Today, I come here with the all-best Godzilla vs Kong Redeem Code which you can use to unlock different rewards.

What is Godzilla vs Kong Update?

The first thing you’ll gonna get in Godzilla vs Kong update is a theme update of all the 3 maps. In Erangle you’re gonna get a Godzilla theme with Godzilla going all over the erangle from one place to another and you can also catch up Godzilla in its path. It will destroy some places and you can explore items when it destroys those places, also kill lizards and spiders.

The Sanhok map will introduce Kong in its map. Kong also has a certain path where it will go from, you can keep up with kong. It destroyed few places and also the helicopter also a lizard and does many awesome things you’re gonna like but make sure you don’t get under his feet. If you do so, you’re gonna die.

The Livik also has Mechagodzilla which, however, doesn’t move but his head moves. It will give you loot that can help you at the beginning but this one is not worth going, honestly.

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Releasing Crystals

All of these release crystals, if you go with godzilla and kong, at a certain point in time they will release crystal that will help you destroy your enemy. Godzilla’s crystal works as nades but you don’t have to cook them, and Kong crystal will increase your speed and jump capability which I like more. Mechagodzilla does kind of nothing but you can find loot near it.

Spawn Place Cinematic

Not only in-match has improved but also the spawn place cinematic has also improved. I am not gonna tell you what all changes has been made but you can see it in this video below.

Supply Camp

Supply camp has also introduced where you can go and have some loot for sure. This is not like other camps where loot is enough for full squad, so, I don’t recommend you going over there.

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Spiders or I don’t know whatever

Also, few spiders are introduced in this new release there is total 3 category of spiders like easy, medium and hard. All you need to do go there, kill them and they’ll give some loot, boring.

Hot Air Balloon

This is another worthless thing, at first I thought this hot air balloon can move anywhere but not, it just goes up to down. I mean what is the purpose of having a hot air balloon that can’t even move

Apart from these worthless things what I liked the most is the theme and crystals, they are amazing and overall the update is one of my favorites after the pyramid update.

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PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong Redeem Codes


How to use PUBG Mobile x Godzilla vs Kong redeem codes

Many people also have this doubt that how they can use these redeem codes, it’s quite a simple process. Here’s details to use redeem codes easily in the game.

Step 1: You need to open the game and click on event section and after that click on the “Themed” tab.

Step 2: Now click on the “Enter the code to Claim a pack” option and copy the redeem code from above and paste it here.

Step 3: Once you added the redeem code then it OK.

Final Words

New doubt in my view is awesome, there are few things that for sure most people didn’t like but they can be compromised if overall game engagement is good. I have added all the redeem codes I possibly could find, and will update if I find more.

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