PUBG vs BGMI : The Major Differences that makes BGMI Better

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (3 months ago)

PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds mobile are two different games, but both games are completely the same except for a few little differences. The only major difference that is PUBG Mobile is for global play and BGMI is specially built for India only.

The question is which one you should download and play because the fact of the matter is you can’t play both games at a time, if you used to play PUBG Mobile then all your data will get transfer to BGMI, and vice versa. So, you have to choose one if you want to have your one ID, and the other will stop working.

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This is why today, I am going to discuss major differences among both of these games so that you could decide which one to keep playing.

PUBG Mobile vs BGMI – The Major Differences

Kills replaced by Finishes

Well, if you have played both games you may have already realized that Kills now have been converted into finishes now. This means whenever you knock out an enemy it shows you knocked out but when you finish after knockout it used to show Kill in PUBG Mobile that has been replaced by Finish.

I think it’s good since BGMI has a really good impact on India’s teens and these little things help them understanding the game is just a game. And the fact of the matter is that it is not that big update, you won’t even realize it when you’re playing the game.

With the change of kill to finish one another thing also got changed, K.D ratio, that means, now K.D ratio has changed to F.D ratio, this means finish ratio which was reasonable. However, everything will work the same way, F.D will work the same as K.D it’s just the change of name that won’t affect the gameplay.

Hit effect

hit effect in bgmi

Another big update that you’re gonna love is hit effect, earlier when you used to hit someone the game shows blood all over the enemies but with BGMI you won’t see blood anywhere in the game rather you’ll see the leaves when you hit the enemy.

This is another good thing the first reason leaves becomes more clear when you hit enemy another many children also play the game who are below 16 for them also it’s good to have game look cartoonists.

Also when you get hit you won’t see red color all around yourself rather you’ll see the green color or yellow color you have to choose one from settings as there will be only 2 colors available for you to choose.

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Age restriction

Now, age restriction has given more attention, if you’re under 18 strict control over your gameplay is given. In fact, if you have to spend money as under 18 you can’t do it, even if you can you can’t spend more than a certain amount like Rs. 7000.

It doesn’t end here only, if you’re under 18 you can’t even play the game for more than certain hours if you try to play the game will shut down automatically or you just can’t match make any match. So, make sure you turn on the under 18 option if you’re under 18.

Under 18 guys also need parental guidance to do certain actions in the game. But in PUBG Mobile there’s no restriction for under 18 children.

Audio Warning at Start of the game

When you just begin the game on spawn location you’ll be given an Audio warning that audio warning contains information like the game is not real it’s just simulation and all stuff which I don’t think is really needed.

Hate to say this audio warning irritates me and all players who have listened to this warning multiple times, and it’s not about few times, every time you start the game the audio warning is there.

By Default Indian server

Now, you won’t be playing at Asia server, you’ll be playing at the Indian server. But if you ever come across a high ping or ping issue then you always have the option to change the server. But I personally don’t recommend changing the server because the new BGMI has its own server that is totally based on Indian players and Indian servers.

Changed price of Royale pass

new royale pass in bgmi

Prices of Royale pass have also changed and it’s lower now, but RP missions and level has also declined like if the price of royale pass has reduced by 50% then rewards of royale pass also decline by 50%. But one thing is good that now many people can afford royale pass it doesn’t matter if they get fewer rewards.

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Exclusive Rewards

Since BGMI is just released in India it has to gain popularity to achieve this BGMI has some exclusive rewards you’ll get when they hit their target for downloads and something. So it’s a perfect time to download BGMI and get your hands on rewards in BGMI.


These were the major difference that you’ll find in PUBG Mobile and BGMI, as I said earlier these differences isn’t gonna affect your in-game gameplay or something. If you’re in India I suggest going with BGMI since it’s now operated by Krafton which is not a Chinese company you won’t have any issue of privacy or something.

Plus you will never face any ping issue as BGMI operates in Indian servers exclusively, and if you want to know more about BGMI then you can explore our blog for detailed articles, tips and tricks, guides and many new updates.

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