Tips to reach Conquer within few weeks in PUBG Mobile (Battlegrounds)

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (3 months ago)

As we know PUBG mobile supports a league system, higher the league higher benefits moreover you’ll get quite a reputation when you’re in a higher league from your teammates and peers. You get skins, unlock different features, emotes, stickers, popularity and more when you reach a higher league.

The lowest league in the game is the browns and the highest league conquer, most people have a question that how they can increase the league in PUBG Mobile to conquer. Well, to be honest, reaching conquer is not an easy job, it’s not like that you learn some tips and something and you’ll reach conquer.

But if you’re already in ace then it’s possible that you can reach conquer following the tips below. Let me tell you the league system:

1. Browns (When you just download and install the game)
2. Silver (When you understand how the game works)
3. Gold (When you completely understand all the things and in-game item)
4. Platinum (When you’re playing the game for a few couples of days daily)
5. Diamond (This is where professional leagues start and the game becomes more difficult)
6. Crown (You’ll be considered as a pro if you reach crown)
7. Ace (This is where pros of pro reach)
8. Conquer (League for Legends only)

Not only these 8 leagues but every league has 5 sub-league levels to reach like Diamond 5, diamond 4 and so on to 5 to 1. Diamond 5 is considered as an entry in the league and diamond 1 is kind of the end of the league after that Crown will start. But not in the case of Ace and Conquer, Ace has stars.

How many points need to reach Conquer?

Conquer is the last league and top league in the game. You need more than 5000 points in the game to reach up to conquer. The fact is, even pros or even youtube streamers couldn’t reach this league. Only legends who are more than just a pro, this league is actually meant for them.

Conqueror league contains the top 500 players of the last 24 hrs of Asia server that played in TPP classic matches.

But if you don’t think yourself a pro then also you can reach conquer however, you won’t be able to stay there for long, but yes, you’ll get the title of season to conquer that’s what matters the most.

Today, we’ll discuss some tips that will help you reach conquer in PUBG Mobile or you to increase the league.

Tips to reach Conquer in PUBG Mobile

1. Survive, Survive, Survive

So, if you want to reach Conquer for a month or 2 you need to forget that places like pochinki and georgopol even exist. Your whole aim should be on surviving till last which means you need to hide whenever possible, you need to run whenever possible and you need to stay out of hot drop areas.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to fight, there will be some cases in every match when you need to fight the real enemies so, make sure you have enough skills to at least finish squad or enemies. That means if your skills are not up to that level to reach Conquer then you must not even try to reach the higher league rather you need to practice.

2. Choose the right squad

Choosing the right squad is probably the most important task when you want to reach a higher league. The best option would be to choose the members who also want to increase their league so, your all team members’ basic strategy will be the same that will help you all. Plus, members have to be good at the game, that doesn’t mean that you pick a few bunch of noobs and start increasing league. No, it won’t work.

But if you ask me which one to choose pro but don’t want to increase league or normal player but want to increase league, I would go with normal. As one way or another pro is gonna get finished but normally who wants to increase league you all will stay safe and covered.

And in order to survive till last, you need a team member to cover your back. So, make sure you have right teammates, if you don’t have I recommend you to choose one before you think of increasing league or something.

3. Forget Sanhok and Livik

miramar pubg mobile

In order to increase the level and more surviving points, as the fact of the matter is, surviving matters 80% whereas shooting just 20%, so, you need to make sure that you survive more. And in these tiny maps with a small area, it’s very difficult to survive much longer by hiding somewhere. So, avoid these matches and play erangel or miramar.

Plus Erangel and Miramar games last much longer whereas Sanhok or livik last for few minutes only. The more the minutes more the surviving time and better it is for increasing rank in the game. You need to land on places where you could find more loot easily.

4. Practice Arcade and TDM

close range fight

When you’re in Ace or Conquer that simply signifies that you’re pro. But the fact is you need to keep hiding every time to survive more and till last that impacts your skill. After a while, you’ll notice that your skills to finish and take fight is diminishing that you don’t want to happen. This is why you need to keep on practicing every after.

The best way to do so is by playing arcade matches as well as TDM matches every once in a while. There are some people who play training matches also, you can go for that also if you need but it’s completely on you which one you want.

5. Start this beginning of the season

Most people what they do is they start increasing their league at the middle of the season but the best and easiest way to increase league is when the season has just begun. It’s really easy to push rank when you’re in the start of the season but on the same side, all the pros will also be increasing rank so, you need to do fight them in order to win. So, it’s gonna be difficult but fast.

6. Finish take the fight at initial leagues

find more bots to kill

As I am telling you that survive as much as you can, take fewer fights and all. These things are meant to be followed only when you reach higher leagues starts from the crown but also work with diamond. Before that you don’t actually need to do all the things, you can play naturally but when you reach diamond and more than you can start to play survival intensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many points does it need to reach conqueror PUBG?

You need to have more than 5,800 points but there have been cases where people having 5,000 points reached conquer.

What are the benefits you get when reaching conqueror?

Besides you get all the different new skins, emotes, popularity and all. The biggest advantage I see is the title appears in front of “Season 13 Conqueror” which gives such an awesome impression towards everyone.

Can you reach Conqueror in 1 day?

No, Not unless you’re athena or something you have to play 24 hours nonstop without losing any game, because you can afford to lose any match when you’re in gold or sliver league but when you’re in ace or conqueror no way.

Which map is best to reach the conqueror?

Miramar is proved to best map for all those who want to push their ranking, in order to reach conqueror you must play Miramar but erangel is also good you can play erangel and still manage to reach higher leagues.

Best Server to reach higher league?

To be honest, there’s no best server to reach a higher league, because if you play Europe your league will be higher in Europe but all your teammates will play in asia so, the best server is asia only because we live in Asia.


I hope now, you may be able to reach the conqueror when you want if you still have any confusion or any doubt regarding reaching the conqueror you can comment down below. We’ll try to clear your doubts as soon as possible.

Reaching conqueror is not just about tips and tricks the main thing is you need to practice and first need an expert in fights and coordinations. You need to have a perfect squad with each member good at one thing, but more importantly you yourself have to be an expert, so, first, improve your game than only I suggest you to think about increasing league.

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