How to play and win Solo vs Squad Everytime in BGMI

by anurag, Saturday, 24 December 2022 (5 months ago)

Many people who are kind of next to pro would want to play the game in Solo vs Squad. That means you’ll be playing alone in a normal squad match. It may seem like a cool thing to do but on the same hand, It is not easy to Win Solo vs Squad especially if you’re in a higher league.

I have personally played Solo vs Squad many times and there have been very few times when I won the match. There could be many reasons to play Solo vs Squad, if you’re preparing for a tournament match then it will significantly increase your skill.

If you want to increase your KD then also Solo vs Squad will increase KD as all you bots and players will be finished by you. If you’re a streamer then it’s best for content, most people like Solo vs Squad videos. There could be endless reasons and many benefits but yes, you need practice.

You have to follow a set of rules and tips in order to win Solo vs Squad in BGMI , and today, I am gonna talk about that only.

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How to Play and Win Solo vs Squad (Tips)

You can click on change map, and in the bottom corner, you’ll see the stop auto-matching option, play in the squad you won’t have any squad members, you’ll be alone in a normal squad match. Now, here are few tips in order to win the match every time.

Land on Hotdrops but fight carefully

pubg mobile hotdrop areas

When it comes to solo vs squad most people recommend that they must land somewhere far away from hotdrops where no one could see them easily and once they have enough loot then they must go and fight.

Well, I don’t believe in this idea, the main reason you’re playing Solo vs squad is to improve your KD or game. The only way to do this island on hot drops but fight carefully, you need to take covers and have fun and even be the third party sometimes and wait.

The main thing is you have to land on Hot drops and try to finish as much as possible without getting yourself finished.

Note: If you’re thinking about pushing rank with Solo vs Squad then this is something that can’t happen, so, either you can push rank or you can play Solo vs squad.

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Don’t Rush or take a close fight

Just imagine, in real life, what if 3 skinny guys mess with you. Will be able to take them down at the same time, no they will easily take you down if they all come at one time. But what if they come one by one like one day one. Then you’ll definitely gonna win. This is what happens in the game too. You might like here how to take close-range fights.

If enemies is at any house never go to that house without at least knocking all of them left one. The best way is to be as far as you can and shoot from there only. The only time you would rush when you completely sure that only one or 2 enemies is left rest you have already knocked out and you can do this. But that’s also the risky part.

Finish ASAP

kill asap

You don’t have to leave any enemy knocked out, you need to finish as soon as you have knocked out, this will help you finish the squad members one by one. Because 4 vs 1 at the same time is next to impossible but 4 vs 1, one by one is possible. You must not give any chance of your enemy to revive. This will also give chance to know the squad members and also you can loot them easily.

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Change position no matter what

When enemies know your position then the next thing they need to know is you’re alone. And once they do then you’re nearly dead. You have to keep on changing your position. Staying at one location or building increases the chances of getting finished.

For example, you can get finished by a grenade, it’s possible that enemy might have set peek at you, enemies can rush anytime they want and if one knows your location that means everybody is pointing at one building. So, one way or another chances are high, believe me, stay out of their sight is the best option.

Run when things are out of your control

Don’t take this as your pride or something, whenever you realize that things are no longer in your control like enemies you’re facing are too difficult to finish, or all of them are like pro, or you’re out of the zone and they are in, the situation could be any. In Solo vs squad, you should run.

Now, most of you must ask that it doesn’t matter, we have to face them later in the game, yes, but next time could be prepared. Like, next time there are chances they won’t know your position taking this advantage you can at least manage to finish one of their members, and when you finish then again run.

Then wait for next time or change your position, then again manage to finish one more member, they will left with 2 only. This is the best time to take the fight.

Nades, Molotovs and smoke

In Solo vs squad, nading skills are most important, this is the way you can knock down 1 at least or sometimes 2 members of the squad at one time. So, you need to master and use these as much as possible.

Also, whenever you have to change position, use smoke if the enemy is watching you. Plus, when you want to rush then also smoke is the best option.

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Loot top quality + One Sniper

sniping in pubg mobile

If you’re not good a snipping then sorry to say but you won’t be good at Solo vs Squad. In Solo vs squad, what really matters is a long-range fight, and if you can’t take one good then there’s no use to play Solo vs squad.

Also, loot is very important in-game, even if you have a single “level 1” item that could put you in danger, as no one is there to revive you. So, whenever you feel your helmet or shield is damaged change it right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does playing Solo vs Squad makes better?

Yes, I have seen significant improvement in the game after playing in Solo vs Squad, you get to know how to take the fight by changing your position, how to cover yourself properly as you know that you won’t get revive in Solo.

Can I push rank playing Solo vs Squad?

No, it’s really next to impossible that you push rank plus play Solo vs Squad, so, you have to choose one.

Which map is better to play Solo vs Squad?

I recommend Livik is best to play Solo vs squad but you can play in any match you want, just Livik is small, it will show up more enemies quickly.

Should I camp in Solo vs Squad?

Yes, for sure, but never camp at the beginning of the game, you can do camping when you reached the last few zones.

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